Zoe’s Place Helps Change the Trajectory for Teen Moms

Children’s Aid and Family Services of New Jersey (CAFSNJ) shared some inspiring words from Mo’Nique last month in a video posted to their YouTube account. She addressed young mothers who were receiving a lifeline through Zoe’s Place, a CAFSNJ effort.

“Anything you think you wanna do, you can. Take this moment to rethink your process and your steps. And when you leave, put them to work. Everybody deserves a second chance. So take your second chance and make it work for you.


Zoe’s Place is run by CAFSNJ and helps pregnant and parenting teens with a lifeline to the resources, housing, and advocacy they need to build a brighter future. They provide safe, 24-hour supervised housing to young mothers and pregnant young women in northern New Jersey.

Pregnant and parenting teens are, statistically, the most vulnerable population of youth in the country according to Zoe’s Place. And while some young moms have the support of family and friends, others have no one in their support circle.

That’s why Zoe’s Place exists. “Zoe’s Place is the lifeline that so many young women need during this life-changing experience,” says CAFSNJ.

And hopefully, as Mo’Nique says, this lifeline helps young moms pay it forward. 

“I would only hope that when y’all get up on your own feet, and you see the next sister down, because of what’s happened to you at Zoe’s Place, you make it your business to become your own personal Zoe, and make sure you put a hand out for another sister,”


Last year, Zoe’s Place supported 14 teen moms and their families. We are so proud to support the work of CAFS serving this vulnerable population.

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