Your generosity empowers advocacy for survivors of violence

Unlike never before, we can all relate to the feeling of fear and uncertainty.
But for some, it’s a daily occurrence after surviving a violent crime.

Sometimes that fear and uncertainty lives in the next room. 

More than 1 in 4 New Jersey women and men experience a violent assault in their lifetime. 

And in 29% of these cases, children are present or involved. 

We are grateful that our partner agencies — like Family Service League of Essex County —  provide confidential and respectful trauma responses to New Jersey Families. 

Earlier this year, reported on the survivor story of a college freshman who’d been attacked. 

When a college freshman ended up in ER after being assaulted by another classmate, a compassionate advocate from Family Service League was called to help. Advocates provide information/referrals, support, and also explain the rights and options a victim has available. 

FSL advocates also provide tangible resources like clothing, water, food, and toiletries to replace what is collected as evidence, which is a crucial step to restoring dignity after an assault.

Like FSL, other Holiday Fund partner agencies are taking action against violence through education, counseling, medical/legal accompaniments, and confidential hotlines. 

Here are just a few:

  • Jewish Family Service’s Trauma / Rachel Coalition Children’s Services (Read more here)

The staff and volunteers at our partner agencies work tirelessly to advocate to restore dignity to survivors and their families. 

We are grateful your generosity is helping to facilitate solutions in New Jersey! Your donation is funneled to agencies like these so they can continue their advocacy. 

You can give online anytime here. Your donation means more survivors are cared for today.

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