The Urban League of Essex County is a collective of professionals, volunteers, and trustees who are passionate about improving the lives of disadvantaged residents throughout Essex County, New Jersey.

When you give to the Holiday Fund, you are not only supporting this local NJ organization, but you are also supporting 10 other amazing social service agencies across 6 counties making a difference where it counts. ONE DONATION is all it takes to help all 11 agencies during the peak season of need. Please give generously.

They help families housing insecurity or homelessness through their HUD-approved Housing Counseling and financial literacy education.

Urban League is dedicated to children's education and making sure they are fully prepared for the 21st century.

They have several workforce programs that help job seekers get and retain a good career, including programs for those over 55.

The Urban League provided me with help with getting an apartment, finishing school, keeping me focused and working toward fundamentals. If you just work hard and you try, you’ll actually make it. It’s never too late. There’s always a chance to do something with yourself." - Latisha