Urban League of Essex County Wins Leadership Award for Workforce Development in Green Economy

Explore the critical role of Urban League of Essex County in workforce development, preparing individuals for future job opportunities within the green economy.

The Urban League of Essex County (ULEC), a champion for Black and historically underrepresented communities in New Jersey, has recently been awarded the 2024 Urban League Movement Champion Award for Leadership in Workforce Development. 

This accolade was given during the inaugural National Urban League Empowerment Summit, held from March 4-6, 2024, marking a significant milestone in their relentless pursuit of social justice.

How the Urban League of Essex County is training more people to work in the green economy

ULEC’s exceptional dedication to Reentry and Clean Energy job training programs has been a highlight of their success. These initiatives have not only provided invaluable skills and opportunities for individuals seeking a second chance, but have also contributed significantly to the economic and environmental well-being of the Essex County region and beyond. 

With the support of partners like PSEG and the New Jersey Department of Corrections, the Urban League of Essex County has set a commendable standard in fostering workforce development that promotes both sustainability and community advancement.

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Why are workforce development programs important?

There is a critical need for targeted workforce development programs. With unemployment rates fluctuating and the ongoing transition to greener economies, organizations like ULEC play a pivotal role in bridging the gap by preparing individuals for the jobs of tomorrow. 

According to the U.S. Energy & Employment Jobs Report of the Department of Energy:

“With the President’s goal of an electrical grid run on 100% carbon-free sources by 2035 and a net zero economy by 2050, energy jobs are expected to see continued growth in every pocket of America.”

ULEC’s programs not only supports this trend but also ensures that historically marginalized communities are not left behind!

Amid fluctuating unemployment & the shift to #GreenEconomy, ULEC stands out by readying folks for future jobs. DOE reports energy jobs booming, and [tag] is making sure everyone, especially marginalized communities, gets a fair shot. Share on X

What is the mission of the Urban League of Essex County?

The Urban League of Essex County (ULEC), active since 1917, supports African American and disadvantaged residents in Essex County towards achieving socioeconomic equality. ULEC’s programs focus on education, job training, and creating opportunities for self-reliance in today’s economy. It also leads efforts in neighborhood revitalization and civil rights, aiming to dismantle segregation and promote equitable community development. Additionally, ULEC offers seminars and training for adults to enhance economic self-sufficiency, covering job skills, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.

How the Holiday Fund supports the Urban League of Essex County

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund stands in strong alliance with ULEC, providing financial support that empowers ULEC to pursue its noble mission and effect meaningful change within the community—particularly in the area of inclusive workforce development.

Your contribution to the Holiday Fund offers you an opportunity to be part of this transformative journey. United, we can bolster ULEC’s efforts and pave the way for a more inclusive and promising employment landscape across New Jersey.

Your generous contribution will go a long way in changing the lives of Black and historically underrepresented communities. Donate today at holidayfund.org/give.

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