Urban League of Essex County Helps Neighborhoods Come Alive

Are you familiar with Littleton Avenue?

In 2012, Littleton Avenue was well-known as a run-down, high-crime block. 

For more than a decade, Urban League of Essex County, along with local residents and community associations, have worked together to revitalize neighborhoods. 

As part of the group’s initiative, the Urban League of Essex County built four new, affordable homes on Littleton. This started a positive chain reaction —

Homeowners, residents, business owners, and stakeholders came together to contribute ideas for further improvements.

Then, private investments were generated

Next, a group of dedicated candidates received paid, on-the-job training in construction trades 

Then the revitalization happened….
New sidewalks were constructed. 
Decorative lighting fixtures were installed
Welcoming landscaping was placed

Today, Littleton Avenue has one of the lowest levels of crime in its area and is known as a “model block” within Newark City’s plans for equitable development. 

But it’s more than just improving infrastructure—neighborhoods are being healed. 

As part of their work implementing sustainable and equitable development policies in high-poverty residential neighborhoods, ULEC advocates hearing residents’ voices.

They also work tirelessly to provide job and financial training for families and youth and coaching for local leadership development.

As one resident puts it:

“I’ve been on the block and I’ve seen it go up and down, but this is the best that it has ever been in 30 years.”

It’s amazing to see the great things that happen when people invest in their own communities. We are so honored to support ULEC as one of our eleven social service agencies.

Learn more about the investments and community initiatives of Urban League of Essex’s community initiatives here.

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