Transforming Lives In The Greater Newark Community With The Fresh Air Fund Experience

Newark Day Center’s Fresh Air Fund experience has positively impacted Newark families by providing life-changing summer camps for inner-city children.

Did you know that the Fresh Air Fund, spearheaded by Newark Day Center, has been positively impacting the lives of individuals in the Greater Newark community for over 137 years? This initiative, supported in part by the Greater Newark Holiday Fund, is dedicated to providing life-changing summer camp experiences to inner-city children, including those with special needs.

Newark Day Center: Empowering Young Lives

Newark Day Center (NDC) stands as a dependable agency in the community, committed to improving the lives of young people. Through initiatives like the Fresh Air Fund, the organization has demonstrated unwavering dedication to addressing the needs of the rapidly-increasing population of families in the city. 

By offering transformative summer camp experiences, NDC is actively contributing to the well-being and development of inner-city children, ensuring they have access to rest, relaxation, and the rejuvenating effects of fresh air.

Discover how NDC helped a child with his learning and development.

The Fresh Air Fund: Goals and Outcomes

The Fresh Air Fund has set forth a comprehensive list of goals and outcomes for the campers it serves. These goals ensure that each child not only benefits from the program but also experiences personal growth and enrichment. Some of the key objectives include:

  • Providing healthy meals while at camp
  • Offering activities that stimulate cognitive and physical growth
  • Creating opportunities to expand the network of friends
  • Ensuring a fun and memorable experience for every child

Enriching Camp Experiences

The Fresh Air Fund meticulously selects certified and accredited camps, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality. Additionally, these camps are evaluated annually by Fresh Air Fund staff to maintain excellence in their offerings. Children with special needs, whether physical or neurological, are thoughtfully placed at camps designed to accommodate their unique requirements.

Diverse and Engaging Activities

Camp days are filled with a diverse array of activities tailored to engage and inspire the campers. From computer literacy and reading to nature and science, the program aims to provide a well-rounded educational and recreational experience. Other activities include conflict resolution, cultural awareness, biking, arts and crafts, hiking, sports, drama, swimming, music, environmental awareness, and much more.

Give Back to Newark Day Center

Your contribution to the Holiday Fund, a proud supporter of NDC, can make a tangible difference in the lives of young individuals in the Greater Newark community. Through your donations, your support can help transform the lives of children and create a positive impact on the community.

Your generous contribution will go a long way in changing lives and building stronger communities for the future generations. Donate today at

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