The Holiday Fund Proudly Supports CAFS’ WISE Families Program: Expanding Support for Adolescents in Need

An Important Training Journey

In a significant development, the Children’s Aid & Family Services‘ (CAFS) WISE Families program is embarking on a crucial training journey in Oklahoma. This training aims to enable the implementation of ‘Problematic Sexual Behaviors Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adolescents’, which will expand the program’s support services to individuals aged up to 18.

Applauding Dedication and Making a Difference

The Holiday Fund proudly applauds the dedication of the WISE program in their tireless efforts to make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable adolescents. By embracing this training opportunity, the program is demonstrating its commitment to providing essential support and care to those who need it most.

The WISE Program: A Beacon of Hope

Developed by Dr. Barbara Bonner and her esteemed colleagues at Oklahoma University’s Center for Child Abuse and Neglect, the WISE program stands as an evidence-based initiative that offers comprehensive assistance to families with children aged 8 to 15. Through a holistic approach encompassing assessment, education, treatment, and prevention strategies, the program aims to address and mitigate the impact of problematic sexual behaviors on both children and their families.

Expanding Support: A Step Forward

With the implementation of ‘Problematic Sexual Behaviors Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adolescents’, the WISE program will now be able to extend its support services to individuals up to 18 years old. This expansion represents a significant step forward in ensuring that vulnerable adolescents have access to the critical care and resources they need during challenging times.

Sensitivity and Commitment

As we navigate this sensitive topic, we hold the utmost respect for the courage and resilience of those involved in addressing problematic sexual behaviors. We acknowledge and honor CAFS’ unwavering commitment to improving the lives of children and families in need. Together, we can create a brighter future and foster a society where every individual is safe, supported, and empowered.

Joining Forces for Lasting Impact

The Holiday Fund is honored to support CAFS and their mission to uplift and empower vulnerable adolescents. By joining forces with organizations like CAFS and backing initiatives like the WISE program, we can collectively make a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most.

Together, let us work towards a future where all individuals, regardless of their circumstances, have the opportunity to thrive and flourish. Join the movement today when you donate to the Holiday Fund.

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