The Fresh Air Fund gives a young boy the chance to go to summer camp

Camp is a wonderful experience for many kids: the great outdoors, fun activities and the company of other campers all make for an unforgettable adventure.

That’s why when Valerie’s eldest son became old enough to join one, he eagerly asked his mom to sign him up. He had always wanted to do it.

As a single mother of two, Valerie earned just enough to provide her family with basic necessities. There was no extra money for other activities, let alone a camping trip. But she knew this experience would give her son growth opportunities that she never had for herself.

That’s when she reached out to the Newark Day Center. He was granted a scholarship through the Fresh Air Fund to attend a 2-week summer camp.

Valerie’s son enjoyed camp thoroughly: making new friends, engaging in many activities and maintaining his smile through it all.

Upon returning home, his mother noticed that he had become more independent. He had an overwhelmingly positive experience and couldn’t stop talking about it. The family was very thankful for the memories and lessons that camp brought to their lives.

Whenever you give to the Holiday Fund, you support the Newark Day Center’s efforts to provide kids what they need to grow and thrive. Thank you for your continued generosity!

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