The Essential Role of an Advocate in Healing After Sexual Assault

Brad’s story is a powerful one — of being sexually assaulted during his first semester at college, far away from home and feeling alone and ashamed.

The Family Service League Confidential Sexual Violence Advocate provided much-needed support and encouragement, informing Brad that he was not to blame for the assault and there were many resources available. These included forensic evidence collection and reporting to local police with the aid of the advocate, as well as clothing, water, food, and toiletries to help restore Brad’s dignity.

Finally, Brad learned of his rights and resources at school that helped him feel safe so he could continue his education. 

Without advocates like these, victims often feel isolated and unaware of the services available to them. The care and support of an advocate is essential for any survivor’s healing process.

When you donate to the Holiday Fund, you are helping victims like Brad feel safe and supported. Every service agency we partner with is committed to making futures brighter in New Jersey.

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