Giving Back: An Impactful Family Connections Thanksgiving Initiative

What happened when two institutions teamed up to support families struggling with mental illness through a heartwarming Thanksgiving initiative.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, two local entities in our community—Family Connections and Glen Ridge High School—embarked on a meaningful mission. Together, they organized a dinner donation drive that warmed not just the bodies, but also the hearts of many families dealing with mental illness.

Family Connections has been consistently dedicated to serving individuals and families struggling with mental health issues in northern New Jersey. Their steadfast commitment to bettering lives is truly commendable. The collaboration with Glen Ridge High School for this Thanksgiving initiative is another testament to their tireless efforts.

A compassionate organization dedicated to transforming lives, Family Connections offers a variety of programs designed to combat challenges like trauma, mental illness, addiction, domestic violence, and child abuse, thereby providing much-needed support and resources to individuals and families in need.

Bringing Joy During the Holidays

The dinner donation drive was just as much about providing meals as it was about spreading joy and hope during a season when families should be celebrating rather than worrying about their next meal.

This act of kindness resonates deeply within the community, reminding everyone of the power of unity and compassion.

Support Family Connections

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund has been a significant supporter of Family Connections and its noble cause. Their contribution has helped to transform many lives and bring smiles to countless faces during the holiday season.

The Holiday Fund ensures that organizations like Family Connections can continue their essential work. We partner with 11 premier agencies in northern New Jersey who provide much-needed relief and support to those who need it most. 

As we approach the holiday season, let’s remember the families who need our support. By donating to the Holiday Fund, you can help Family Connections continue their impactful work.

Every contribution, no matter how small, counts. Let’s join hands and give back to our community. Your generosity could make a world of difference to a family in need. Please donate today.

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