Children’s Aid & Family Services: Enriching Lives Through The STRIVE Day Program

The STRIVE Program empowers those with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve their potential.

Children’s Aid & Family Services provides essential services and programs to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, enriching their lives and helping them reach their full potential. One such individual is Jessica, a member of the STRIVE day program.

Meet Jessica: A Creative Soul Flourishing With STRIVE

Jessica is a vibrant, creative, and intelligent individual. With an infectious sense of humor and a heart full of compassion, she brings joy to everyone around her. Her love for stuffed animals is evident, as she carries her adorable friends everywhere and even designs their outfits.

However, Jessica’s creativity isn’t confined to her stuffed animals alone. She’s also an avid participant in the activities organized by the STRIVE team. The team works tirelessly to provide opportunities that help Jessica and others like her to stay busy, learn new skills, and engage with the world around them.

Jessica’s Journey of Growth and Empowerment

Through the STRIVE program, Jessica has been able to expand her social circle and find her purpose. She volunteers at Valley Hospital with her Support Coach, delivering mail and sharing smiles. And every afternoon, it’s Jessica who dismisses the members of STRIVE. These activities have not only helped Jessica become more social but have also given her a sense of responsibility and purpose.

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund: Supporting the STRIVE Program

Children’s Aid and Family Services (CAFS) is dedicated to supporting vulnerable children, adults, and families. Each year, they impact thousands of individuals and families seeking assistance through a variety of programs, including finding adoptive families for children, teaching life skills to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, providing therapeutic foster families for neglected children, and supplying essential items to families facing financial hardships. In addition, they educate teens about substance abuse dangers and provide support services for teen mothers and their babies, building brighter futures for children and families in their community.

Stories like Jessica’s are a testament to the incredible work done by CAFS. But they need our support to continue making a difference. 

By giving to the Holiday Fund, which supports 11 first-in-class organizations in New Jersey, you’re investing in the future of individuals like Jessica and helping them lead fulfilling lives.

Your generous contribution will go a long way in changing lives and building stronger communities. Together, we can make a significant impact. Donate today at

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