St. Lucy’s shelter provides homeless woman refuge and a renewed dream

“You didn’t feel homeless, you didn’t feel different. You were just a person.”

When Yvette Alexander suddenly fell ill with seizures and syncope, she could no longer work.

Her savings and pensions could only sustain her for so long before she became homeless and had to seek refuge at a shelter.

She shares a room with 30 other people but doesn’t mind it at all. Given her seizures, the company makes her feel that she’s looked out for.

Through the shelter, Yvette lives an otherwise normal life in spite of her health condition.

Being treated with dignity has fueled her desire to get back on her own two feet.

On the topic of her future, Yvette said, “3 months from now, I see myself in my own apartment, paying for my own food and grocery shopping. Although I can’t go out and work because I am totally disabled, I want to be able to help other people find their own destiny.”

“I’d like to come back here and help others find their potential… with a shoulder, a smile or a kind word… the same way the people here helped me.”

Would you join us in showing compassion for those who have fallen on hard times?

Original story taken from Hudson County View

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