New Community Corporation: Celebrating Resolved Crisis Intervention Cases

Let’s take a moment and recognize the accomplishments of New Community Corporation. This NJ-based agency recently celebrated the successful resolution of 57 Family Crisis Intervention Unit cases. 👪

Each case closing signifies a family that has overcome crisis and regained stability and hope. It’s also a testament to the dedication, hard work, and compassion of the team at New Community Corporation. Their relentless efforts have ensured that these families received the support they needed during their challenging times.

Join us in supporting organizations like New Community Corporation in their important work. Every case closed brings us one step closer to a community where every family can thrive, even in the face of crisis.

Supporting NCC and the other Holiday Fund agencies is easy – simply give online.

A huge thank you to the team at New Community Corporation – your commitment to serving families in crisis is truly making a difference! 🙏

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