Mental health has now reached crisis mode

Unfortunately, it seems that it took a global pandemic for people to start seeing mental health as equal to physical health.

Carolyn Beauchamp, president, and CEO of the Mental Health Association in New Jersey says, “Until the pandemic, people saw mental health and physical health separately. I think that’s shifting because of COVID-19. People are much more aware of depression and anxiety.”

And yet, the resources are inadequate. Just to name a couple of concerns:

  • The system of care is limited with too few centers and clinics.
  • Society at large is lacking an understanding of what it means to have a mental health problem.
  • New Jersey is ill-equipped to help those seeking counseling or psychiatric help, with extended wait times and limited resources.
  • The number of trained individuals in the field of mental health is not on par with the demand.

Although mental health has been a concern for decades, it has now reached crisis mode. It has impacted enough of our everyday institutions that it can’t be ignored. Says Beauchamp:

“The [mental health] crisis has gone on for more than two years and it’s not going to go away. It hits every aspect of our society, from school, to work, to all kinds of things. I think the opportunity is now and I think the chance of making change is now.”

Will you be a part of the change?

You can leave a legacy in New Jersey and help to make an impact on the ongoing mental health crisis when you donate to the Holiday Fund.

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