Meet Isaac and Hillory

A woman and a young boy hugging and posing for the camera

Isaac and Hillory have a very special bond.

When Isaac was 3, he started living in group foster homes. He had gone through abuse and neglect, and was acting out because of it.

At 10, he moved in with Hillory who became his therapeutic foster parent— she was trained to help kids with exceptional trauma.

Hillory bonded with Isaac and taught him how to be a part of the family so that at the end of it all, Isaac could feel that he truly belonged.

“We cooked and ate dinner together, watched movies, went grocery shopping and to Great Adventure,” she says. “I also taught him to make crafts, and I would bring him with me when I volunteered at the local senior citizen center. The older adults loved talking to Isaac.”

Hillory also bought him his first suit and tie for a formal event. “It was important to teach him how to have pride in himself and present himself well,” she says.

Isaac has since gained confidence and learned to trust others, especially Hillory.

Their relationship has changed both of their lives for the better.

Story credits: Children’s Aid and Family Services

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