Linda’s Story

Meet Linda.

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Just 18 years old, pregnant, and homeless, Linda thought her only option was to drop out of school. She was lost and overwhelmed.

Seeking clarity, she went to Family Connections, and the people she met there helped her find another way. 

She stayed in school, eventually got 2 jobs, and found her own place to stay. 

She even made the Dean’s List at community college!

Linda says, “I realized that there are people who will help you.” She learned to get what she wanted in life by working hard to reach her goals: 

“When you have a good job and you’re taking care of yourself and your child, that’s the best feeling ever.”

The Holiday Fund Impact

When you give to the Holiday Fund, you are part of the amazing work of Family Connections because your gift goes directly to brightening the future of more people like Linda.

I believe that the best charity is local.

People around you, maybe even people you’ve seen before, are benefiting because of your gift. 

It’s real. 

It’s transformative. 

And it’s happening no matter how big or small a gift you give.

Today, please give generously to Greater Newark Holiday Fund so we can continue supporting all our wonderful partner agencies.

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