How one woman went from homeless to chef

As soon as the evenings turn cold and bitter, I think about those individuals and families in NJ who are facing the night without shelter. 

Then I think about our compassionate and experienced partner agencies who have already planned for nights like this and are prepared to offer help — agencies like New Community Corporation, Catholic Charities and many more. 

Connecting the individuals in need with staff from these caring organizations is what excites us most at the Greater Newark Holiday Fund. 

We raise funding support for 10 social service agencies during their highest season of need, which allows them to put more energy into serving and empowering individuals and families. 

In a recent article, we shared the incredible story of Paula, who has literally gone from homeless to chef. 

Her exciting career advancements and personal growth would be exciting to watch regardless of her background, but knowing that she has gone from doubting her abilities to believing in herself makes the story even sweeter. 

Check out Paula’s story and transformation on our blog, and find out how empty plates bring her joy.

We hope you’ll check out the work of the Greater Newark Holiday Fund this season and consider supporting all of these local agencies with one easy donation

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