How New Jersey Families are Finding Hope

Did you know that 8.5% of households in New Jersey experience food insecurity? 

That’s 273,136 people! 

It is overwhelming to know that people living next door might be wondering how they’ll feed their family this weekend.  

Families shouldn’t live so vulnerably.

And many of our partner agencies are taking action to alleviate hunger in the Greater Newark area. 

  • The Emergency Food and Nutrition Network of over 80 organizations led by the Catholic Charities of Newark (Read more here)
  • Emergency Food Pantry for residents of the New Community Corporation (Family Service Bureau) (Read more here)

One of our partner agencies, Nutley Family Service Bureau, recently shared a word of gratitude from a family of seven. 

“The help we received from Nutley Family Service Bureau has given my family a moment to catch our breath, a safety net for the times we needed some food, school supplies, and gifts for the children.”

Your generosity empowers stories like this. Your donation helps families find a safety net when things get difficult. 

Has your family participated in giving funds or donating goods together? I’d love to hear your story. Hit REPLY and let me know. 

P.S. If you’d like to give towards one of the efforts above, click here to donate to the Holiday Fund. Every donation you give is funneled to 10 partner agencies and helps directly with efforts like these. 

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