How Hank turned his life around

After losing his job and his marriage, Hank had hit rock bottom.

When he came to Jewish Family Services (JFS) for treatment, he was struggling with severe depression. He lacked secure housing, money, and basic necessities.

Hank had walked through most of his life with untreated bipolar disorder, which made his isolation, unhappiness, and suicidal ideations a serious concern.

When JFS Case Management Services stepped in, things took a turn for the better. They helped Hank obtain:

  • An apartment
  • Credit counseling
  • Psychiatric services
  • Prescription assistance
  • Therapy

Now, Hank has gradually shown signs of mood improvement, an interest in socializing, and has a full-time job!

Like Hank, many of us have needed help obtaining services that put us back on our brightest path.

Which person or service has helped steer you on your journey?

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