How Generosity Restores Dignity for Survivors of Violence

In these uncertain times, we can all relate to the feeling of fear or anxiety.

But for some, it is a daily occurrence after surviving a violent crime, especially when sometimes the source of that fear lives under the same roof.

Sadly, more than 1 in 4 New Jersey men and women will experience a violent assault in their lifetime.

And in 29% of these cases, children are involved.

But they do not have to suffer through its aftermath alone. 

At the Greater Newark Holiday Fund, we are grateful that our partner agencies – like Family Service League of Essex County – are there to help.

Ways the Family Service League Helps

They provide confidential and respectful trauma responses to individuals and families across New Jersey.

Last year, reported on a college freshman who was attacked by their classmate:

When a college freshman ended up in ER after being assaulted by another classmate, a compassionate advocate from Family Service League was called to help. The advocate provided information, referrals, and support to the survivor.

FSL advocates also provide tangible resources like clothing, water, food, and toiletries to replace what is collected as evidence. They may be small items, but they are crucial to restoring the dignity of victims.

Like FSL, our other allied agencies are acting for survivors of assaults. They include Family Connection’s Domestic Violence Services and the Jewish Family Services’ Rachel Coalition.

With one step at a time, we can work to reduce the fear and uncertainty that victims of assault feel every day.

When you support the Holiday Fund, these wonderful organizations will receive the funding they need to continue advocating for survivors of violence.

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