Honoring Diversity And Youth Empowerment During Black History Month

Family Service Bureau of NCC fosters diversity and youth empowerment through vibrant cultural events during Black History Month.

New Community Corporation (NCC), of which the Family Service Bureau is part of the health division, is a cornerstone in our New Jersey community. The organization provides essential services and initiatives aimed at fostering respect for diversity and empowering the next generation. 

Through its various programs, the organization not only supports families and individuals but also contributes to the overall development and enrichment of the community.

One such initiative that stands as testament to the organization’s commitment to cultural education and youth empowerment was the recent Black History Month event hosted by NCC’s Youth Services Department.

Youth Empowerment Showcased at Black History Month Celebration

This special event, dedicated to commemorating Black History Month, saw young participants from NCC’s after school programs showcasing their talents and knowledge. The children read poetry, shared enlightening facts about significant Black figures, and even performed sections of the iconic musical, The Wiz.

The event was a vibrant celebration of culture and history, echoing the values and mission of the New Community Corporation and the Family Service Bureau. It served as an inspiring platform for these young minds to express themselves creatively and learn about the rich heritage and contributions of Black individuals.

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The Greater Newark Holiday Fund: Supporting the Family Service Bureau of NCC

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund has been a steadfast supporter of NCC and the Family Service Bureau, celebrating initiatives like the Black History Month event. 

You too can contribute to this cause. By donating to the Greater Newark Holiday Fund, you are directly supporting initiatives that impact lives positively in New Jersey. Your generosity can ensure the continuation of such events and programs that foster respect for diversity and empower the youth in our community. 

Your donation can transform lives and strengthen our communities. Let’s unite to create a powerful change.

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