Healing from childhood trauma through counseling

Ms. Devlin struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for many years. She was desperately trying to numb the pain she experienced as a young girl.

Growing up, she was often left home alone with an older sibling who was mentally unstable. She had been seriously assaulted at home and lived in a constant state of fear. Eventually, she fled from home and moved to New York city. But it was there that she was sexually assaulted by someone she thought she could trust.

Through counseling, Ms. Devlin learned to process her trauma and create safety for herself, by choosing better friends and romantic partners.

Years later, Ms. Devlin is now writing a new chapter in her life. She now lives independently and works part time. She has remained sober, and engages in educational and creative tasks that keep her grounded and fulfilled. She is also happily seeing someone who genuinely cares for her and supports her.

Family Service League provides counseling and emotional support to victims and survivors of physical and emotional abuse, at a reduced rate or for free.

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Original story taken from nj.com.

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