Healing and winning back her kids: Angela’s story

Angela was separated from her 4 children because of the mental health and substance abuse problems she suffered. ⠀

She quickly went to Family Connections for help. There, she received treatment, received mental health support, and secured housing. ⠀

Angela took every program seriously— she was determined to heal herself and be reunited with her children.⠀

Today, Angela is reunited with her children after 2 and a half years of treatment. For the first time in a while, she is hopeful and optimistic about their future together.

One in 25 Americans suffer from mental health disorders, and half of them also struggle with substance abuse. The road to recovery is a constant battle against oneself. It is far from easy. But Angela fought to overcome these odds so that she could be with her children again.

Her counselors at Family Connections are a key part of her story. They couldn’t be more proud of her for the dedication she showed towards her family and her health. We wish Angela and her children all the best!

Original story taken from NJ.com

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