One Way to Open the Doors to Happiness and Health

Though we live in the most technologically advanced society ever, we’ve never been more worried, drugged up, or alone. Based on the stories we were given about our trauma and the ones we tell ourselves, everyone of us is carrying the weight of our trauma with us at all times. These stories act as a mental “backpack full of bricks” that prevent us from being happy and healthy.

Are you ready to open the doors to happiness and health?

First, you have to take off that backpack and take some inventory of its contents. In order to heal from past hurt and trauma, you must learn to grieve and heal from its effect on your life. 

A Resource to Open the Doors to Happiness and Health

In Own Your Past Change Your Future: A Not-So-Complicated Approach to Relationships, Mental Health & Wellness, you’ll learn skills that will help to heal your past but also equip you for a healthy future. We suggest you discover what this book has to offer and experience open doors to happiness and health in your life.

1. Redefine trauma

Own Your Past Change Your Future will teach you how to redefine what trauma is and how to identify it in your life.

2. Grieve 

To open the doors to deep healing, first you have to grieve and heal from past hurt and trauma.

3. Build community

Even though you think you’re comfortable being isolated, it’s critical that you build community around you. This book will teach you practical ways to make friends as an adult. We know it’s not easy, but it is necessary.

Need mental health support? For professional, confidential assistance, contact one of our partner agencies, like Youth Consultation Service.

4. Change thoughts

Again, it’s not easy, especially after a lifetime of different “tapes” playing in your mind. But our thoughts can be retrained and replaced–it’s possible!

Do the statements on repeat in your mind build you up or tear you down? Our thoughts can be retrained and replaced — it’s possible! Share on X

5. Learn to evaluable

It’s crucial to have the skills to assess and evaluate your actions, which are also changeable. 

With these steps, you’ll learn how to leave the past where it belongs and get on the path to healing.

As Dr. Les Parrott says about the book:

“Just straight talk and proven wisdom. [Author] John Delony is a master communicator who shows all of us the way to wellness.” 

It’s time to change the narrative and begin the steps to healing from our past trauma. Nothing can change our history, but we have the power to change our future. 

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