Fostering Empowerment: A Visit To The Martin Luther King Jr. Justice Building

Members of the CAFS STRIVE program recently visited the Martin Luther King Jr. Justice Building in Newark, N.J.

Children’s Aid and Family Services (CAFS) has been making a profound impact on the community, providing essential support services to individuals across a diverse spectrum of abilities and specialized needs. 

Recently, members of the STRIVE program embarked on a meaningful community outing to the Martin Luther King Jr. Justice Building in Newark, N.J. This excursion, made possible by CAFS, fulfills its mission to foster inclusivity and empowerment.

Unveiling Dr. King’s Legacy

During their visit to the Martin Luther King Jr. Justice Building, the STRIVE members had the opportunity to learn about the legacy of Dr. King, guided by the dedicated STRIVE staff. As they admired the 22-foot statue in honor of Dr. King, the staff shared insights into his enduring impact, inspiring the members with his message of equality and justice.

The Mission of STRIVE

At the core of Children’s Aid and Family Services’ initiatives is the mission of STRIVE, which aims to facilitate access to a wide array of support services for adults and teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through community-based activities and tailored support, STRIVE endeavors to empower individuals, nurturing their personal growth and facilitating their active participation in society.

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Greater Newark Holiday Fund: A Vital Supporter

The impactful work of CAFS is further bolstered by supporters such as the Greater Newark Holiday Fund. This organization plays a crucial role in enabling CAFS to continue its mission to protect and support vulnerable children, adults and families. 

By contributing to the Greater Newark Holiday Fund, individuals and businesses can directly contribute to the enrichment of community members’ lives through the various programs and initiatives facilitated by CAFS.

Together, let’s strive to create a thriving, inclusive community where everyone has the opportunity to flourish. Remember, your generosity has the power to transform lives and uplift the community as a whole.

Join us in supporting the Greater Newark Holiday Fund and be a catalyst for positive change.

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