Foster care changes a young woman’s trajectory in life

Here’s an example of an amazing pairing. It’s the story of how a soft-spoken caseworker inspired a teen in foster care to pursue her passion of working with young children.

After a childhood in and out of shelters and foster homes, it was Debbie McCrae, teenaged Carnita Tyler’s case worker, who took her in as her own. Today, Tyler refers to McCrae as “Mom” and can’t say enough about her positive influence:

“My mom showed me how to be a woman…How to step out of myself and be a good person and do for others. She is a generous person and that makes me want to be more generous.”

You, too, can have an influence on the lives of kids, teens, and young adults like Tyler. When you support the agencies we partner with, like Youth Consultation Service, you are impacting kids in foster homes, residential programs, educational programs, and much more. Learn about YCS and other Holiday Fund agencies at

Original story taken from Youth Consultation Service‘s website.

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