Empowering Communities Towards Financial Stability with Urban League of Essex County

Discover how Urban League of Essex County is driving financial stability in northern New Jersey communities. 

Shoutout to one of our dedicated partners, the Urban League of Essex County (ULEC). They’re making a significant difference in the community through their FREE monthly Credit Building Basics workshops and financial counseling. 

ULEC‘s mission is to empower low-to-moderate income households towards economic stability, and they are achieving this goal one workshop at a time.

The Impact of ULEC’s Financial Opportunity Center

The Urban League of Essex County Financial Opportunity Center has already aided over 500 participants in setting financial goals, improving banking habits, and preparing for retirement. This invaluable training has not only educated individuals but also created a ripple effect of financial growth in the community.

But, their programs are not limited to financial workshops.  The center is dedicated to providing financial capability education and coaching to individuals and families. The services offered range from job creation, teaching new skills, to educating the future. 

ULEC also provides early childhood education, employment services, food pantry, housing counseling, and more. These services are all aimed at empowering low-to-moderate income households towards economic stability.

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund: A Proud Supporter of ULEC

By contributing to the Greater Newark Holiday Fund, you’re not just celebrating the achievements of over 4,000 residents and 800 students who’ve already benefited from ULEC’s Financial Opportunity Center programs. You’re also opening the gateway to financial independence for countless others.

Securing More Financial Futures Together

Let’s secure more financial futures together! You can help by donating to the Holiday Fund

Your contribution means so much to the community. It supports the continuation of ULEC’s transformative initiatives, providing the necessary tools for financial stability to those who need them most. 

Together, let’s create a brighter, financially secure future for all.

Your generous contribution will go a long way in changing lives and building stronger communities. Together, we can make a significant impact. Donate today at holidayfund.org/give.

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