Feeding Our Elders: A Key Focus During National Senior Independence Month

National Senior Independence Month in February focuses on supporting and feeding our elders.

Every month brings a new opportunity to focus on important causes and groups within our community. This February, as we observe National Senior Independence Month, it’s time to turn our attention to the challenges and triumphs of our senior citizens, including the importance of nourishing our seniors. 

Numerous agencies that are supported by the Holiday Fund are making commendable strides in this domain. One organization deserving special mention is the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark. Their unwavering dedication to eradicating hunger and bolstering the vulnerable within the Newark area is a beacon of inspiration for us all.

Spotlight on Catholic Charities: An Organization Making a Difference

In one year alone, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark (CCAN) distributed an impressive 178,671 pounds of food to 29,779 households. 

But their work goes beyond food distribution. They offer a comprehensive range of social services, aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals and families, regardless of their religious, racial, ethnic, or economic backgrounds.

Supporting Seniors: The Focus of National Senior Independence Month

National Senior Independence Month is a time to celebrate the resilience and strength of our senior community. It’s also a time to recognize the organizations that support senior independence, like Catholic Charities. Their services—from meal delivery to transportation and companionship programs—are crucial in maintaining the dignity and independence of our seniors.

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Greater Newark Holiday Fund: A Pillar of Support

As we honor our seniors this month, let’s also remember the organizations that work tirelessly to support them. A donation to the Greater Newark Holiday Fund is a practical way to contribute to this cause.

Your contribution, regardless of its size, can make a significant impact. It has the power to change lives and create a wave of positive change throughout our community. By donating, you’re not just supporting Catholic Charities; you’re supporting our seniors and making a stand against hunger.

In the spirit of National Senior Independence Month, let’s resolve to be part of this change. 

Donate today, and let’s collectively work towards a community where everyone, including our seniors, can live with dignity and independence.

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