Driving Change: Family Service League Provides Rides To Survivors

Family Service League provides rides to sexual violence survivors, fostering healing and symbolizing support.

In 2022, Family Service League (FSL) made an extraordinary contribution to their community. They provided 362 rides to survivors of sexual violence and their significant others, facilitating access to crucial counseling sessions and accompaniments. This act of service has become a source of hope and support for those navigating through the challenging journey of healing.

The Impact of FSL’s Work

In 2021, Family Service League piloted a program with Uber to provide rides for survivors of sexual violence to counseling sessions and accompaniments. When this pilot program ended, FSL maintained this commitment to provide rides to survivors and their significant others, providing more than 360 rides in 2022. 

FSL’s work means so much to the community. By offering transportation, they’re removing barriers that might prevent survivors from receiving the help they need. Each ride given is more than just a trip; it symbolizes comfort, support, and a step toward recovery.

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund: Supporting FSL’s Mission

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund is a proud supporter of FSL. Their mission aligns with the core values of FSL—providing assistance during times of need. The Holiday Fund recognizes the significance of FSL’s work and aims to ensure this critical service continues to support survivors in the community.

We extend our deepest gratitude to YCS for their tireless work in our communities. However, the need for support remains high. Will you join us in making a difference?

You can contribute to the continued success of Youth Consultation Service and ten other critical agencies in New Jersey by donating to the Holiday Fund

With your generous donation, we can unite to transform lives and strengthen our communities. Together, we can make a significant impact. Donate today at holidayfund.org/give.

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