Family Service League advocates for the rights and recovery of sexual assault victims

At the end of her first semester of college, Brenda went out with her classmates to celebrate with a few drinks at a local bar. Later that morning, she woke up feeling very sick, partially dressed, with no recollection of the events of the evening. She felt very scared and confused.

After reaching out to a local hospital, Brenda was connected to a sexual assault advocate from Family Service League. The advocate accompanied Brenda as she went through a forensic medical examination.

Brenda was able to talk with her advocate about her concerns regarding the events of the night before. She was given information/referrals to local support services, as well as her rights and options as a survivor.

In the examination room, Brenda held on to her advocate’s hand the entire time. Afterwards, she was given a change of clothes, undergarments and something to eat.

Although Brenda chose not to report the incident to the police, she knew she could do so at any time in the future. It was a difficult experience, but she felt heard and supported by her advocate.

We’re proud to be able to support the Family Service League’s efforts in caring for sexual assault victims. A donation to the Holiday Fund goes a long way towards supporting the healing process and recovery of survivors of sexual assault. Give today at

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