Family Service Bureau supports kinship families and strengthens their ties

Cheyenne and her two sisters, aged 14 and 16, were singlehandedly raised by their grandmother for as long as they could remember. This poses unique challenges for their family, as it can sometimes be difficult for grandparents to keep up with a generation that’s one removed from them. As society changes, so do young people’s needs.

Family Service Bureau’s kinship program acts as a bridge between children and their kin. Cheyenne, her sisters and her grandmother jointly attend biweekly meetings to learn about community resources and strengthen their relationship. They expressed gratitude for all the help they’ve gotten.

Cheyenne signed up to lead the organization and planning of a women’s conference for FSB. By doing so, she was able to practice important social and communication skills— skills that will surely come in handy for her dream of becoming a real estate agent. Having benefited from all the information and support she received, Cheyenne is now paying it forward.

Your gift to the Greater Newark Holiday Fund strengthens families all across Northern New Jersey. We thank you for your support!

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