Family Service Bureau helps young girl adapt to her new blended family

Adapting to a new family can be hard, especially for young children in blended families.

A 12-year-old girl was referred to the Family Service Bureau for that reason. She was a part of a newly established blended family and found it extremely difficult to acclimate. Her biological father left the country when she was 8 years old, leaving her, her younger brother and mother behind. Once the mother remarried, the girl’s behavior changed, and it became difficult for her to communicate.

A clinician from the Family Service Bureau held one-on-one therapy sessions to identify the young girl’s concerns and fears about the family’s restructuring, trust issues and communication problems. During these sessions, the girl learned skills and techniques to deal with those issues.

The rest of the family was involved as well, through group sessions that focused on improving the communication and interaction of all family members.

Within 6 months, the family dynamic had improved to the point that they no longer needed the agency’s services. 🎊

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