Family Connections, Inc.

FAMILYConnections is a growing family of 35 specialized programs delivering professional counseling, skill-building, training and prevention services to over 4,000 children, adults and families in 7 counties, including Essex, Hudson, Morris and Passaic.

When you give to the Holiday Fund, you are not only supporting this local NJ organization, but you are also supporting 10 other amazing social service agencies across 6 counties making a difference where it counts. ONE DONATION is all it takes to help all 11 agencies during the peak season of need. Please give generously.

To engender hope, enhance safety, heal trauma, and strengthen families and communities through innovative counseling, skills-building, training and prevention.

They are passionate about serving the complex needs of families, including early childhood, social and emotional development, adolescent development, and more.

FAMILYConnections  serves children, adults and families. The effectiveness of their counseling and provisional services is transformative.

FamilyConnections is helping Rick explore his relationships, and Rick is working to build new bonds within his family. While still nervous when meeting new people and communicating his feelings, Rick feels more confident and sure of himself with FamilyConnections' help." Click here to read more