A Visit To The Baby Basics Program: A Lifeline For Parents In Need Of Essential Baby Supplies

The Baby Basics program by Children’s Aid & Family Services offers essential baby supplies and support to needy families, funded by generous donors.

The Baby Basics program of Children’s Aid & Family Services (CAFS) is more than just a program—it’s a lifeline. It provides not just diapers, formula, and clothing, but also a sense of security and dignity to families in need. Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your baby’s basic needs are taken care of, that they will be warm, fed, and dry.

Through the Baby Basics program, CAFS ensures that every child gets a fair start in life. It’s not just about providing material goods, but also about nurturing hope, promoting equality, and empowering families. Because every child deserves the best possible start in life, and every family deserves to experience the joy of seeing their child thrive.

The Impact of Your Generosity

This vital initiative is a core program supported by the Greater Newark Holiday Fund, and it relies entirely on donations from generous individuals like you. Your kindness and generosity can make a huge impact on this initiative, offering much-needed assistance to struggling families.

Some of the Holiday Fund board members recently had a chance to visit Baby Basics, witnessing first-hand the incredible work being done behind the scenes!

Celebrating 25 Years of Baby Basics

With the help of donors, Baby Basics has been keeping babies happy, healthy, and dry for over 25 years! This program provides free nutritional formula and diapers for babies, newborn through two years of age. But it’s more than just supplying essentials – Baby Basics also provides a safety net of emotional support and referrals for low-income families living and/or working in Bergen County.

How You Can Help: Host a Supply Drive

If you’re looking for ways to support Baby Basics, consider hosting a supply drive. It’s an easy and fun way to make a significant difference. Local diaper drives enable us to collect thousands of diapers each year. This helps ensure that no parent has to choose between diapers and food, medicine, or paying rent. With your help, we can continue changing lives—from the bottom up! Learn more about CAFS on the Holiday Fund website

Your Call to Action: Donate Today

You can join the Holiday Fund board members and many others in supporting this amazing program, along with many others that are empowered by the Holiday Fund, by donating today. Your contribution means so much to our community and every donation helps us bring essential services to those who need them most. 

Visit holidayfund.org/give to make a contribution and change a life today.

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