Elder Support: Ensuring Dignity and Independence for Our Seniors

As February nears, we value the elder support given to 184 seniors through initiatives by Jewish Family Services.

As February draws near, we prepare not only to spread love on Valentine’s Day, but also to pay homage to our older community members during National Senior Independence Month. This is a time when we focus on the challenges faced by our elderly community and the importance of supporting their independence.

The Need for Community Support

Independence in senior years is crucial to maintaining dignity, improving quality of life, and encouraging a sense of purpose. However, many seniors struggle with physical health issues and social isolation, making independent living a challenge. That’s where we, as a community, need to be aware of this struggle and do what we can to provide solutions. By providing support, we can help our elders overcome these hurdles and lead dignified, independent lives.

The Role of Jewish Family Services of MetroWest

Making a difference in the lives of the elderly, one house call at a time, is Jewish Family Services of MetroWest New Jersey. During the period from 2020-2021, they served 184 vulnerable seniors through their dedicated House Calls program.

This essential service provides in-home social work services and medical support, ensuring that our elders receive the care they need right at their doorstep. Such programs are instrumental in promoting senior independence, allowing older adults to continue living in familiar environments while receiving the necessary support.

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund: Supporting Essential Services

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund has been a staunch supporter of Jewish Family Services. By funding essential programs like House Calls, the Holiday Fund ensures that these vital services continue to reach our community’s elderly.

Your Role in Promoting Senior Independence

This February, during National Senior Independence Month, let’s salute the efforts of organizations like Jewish Family Services of MetroWest and the Greater Newark Holiday Fund. But let’s not stop at applause.

You can join us in supporting this vital work! Your donation to the Holiday Fund can help the 11 partner agencies, including Jewish Family Services of MetroWest, continue to make a positive impact on our community’s older adults. Every contribution counts.

Donate today and help us champion the cause of senior independence. Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of our elders, ensuring they enjoy the independence and dignity they deserve.

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