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Holiday Fund partner agencies provide help to the disadvantaged in New Jersey

When Paula and her son moved back north from Florida a couple years ago, they were in need of housing. She was also in search of employment to support her family of two. 

One of Holiday Fund’s partner agencies, New Community Corporation (NCC), was able to provide support and assistance in both of these areas for Paula and her 10-year-old son. 

The mother and son pair were placed at Harmony House, NCC’s transitional housing facility for homeless families. Paula enrolled in the New Community Career & Technical Institute Culinary Arts Specialist program, where she excelled, and which led her to a job as a cook at NCC’s extended nursing care facility. 

NCC, born out of the civil unrest of the 60s, provides housing, health, education and community services to people of New Jersey. Their passion for helping the disadvantaged is shared with other committed agencies in the Newark area, like Catholic Charities, Youth Service League, and more. 

In fact, the 10 agency partners of the Holiday Fund make a difference every day in the lives of individuals in Northern NJ. For over 80 years, these organizations have provided services of care, hope, and kindness. 

For example:

  • Family Connections delivers professional counseling, skill-building, training and prevention services to over 4,000 children, adults and families.
  • Children’s Aid and Family Services helps children who don’t have families able to care for them. 
  • The Urban League of Essex County is passionate about improving the lives of disadvantaged residents.

Every donation to the Holiday Fund is funneled to the ten partner agencies, including NCC, where Paula and her son found the assistance they needed at just the right time.

Today, Paula has two jobs. Now a graduate of the program, she remains employed at NCC’s skilled nursing facility, but she also accepted another job as a personal chef for a local celebrity. In an article highlighting her accomplishments on NCC’s website, Paula said:

“The thing that makes me happy is when I put a plate down in front of someone and they clean the plate. I like when that plate is cleared because it shows that they enjoyed what they ate and they’re satisfied.”

To support programs at New Community Corporation and other reputable agencies, make a donation to the Holiday Fund. Your gift is distributed to 10 partner agencies who provide critical services for our community.

No one should live disadvantaged and vulnerable lives. Your support will make a difference.

Your generosity empowers advocacy for survivors of violence

Unlike never before, we can all relate to the feeling of fear and uncertainty.
But for some, it’s a daily occurrence after surviving a violent crime.

Sometimes that fear and uncertainty lives in the next room. 

More than 1 in 4 New Jersey women and men experience a violent assault in their lifetime. 

And in 29% of these cases, children are present or involved. 

We are grateful that our partner agencies — like Family Service League of Essex County —  provide confidential and respectful trauma responses to New Jersey Families. 

Earlier this year, reported on the survivor story of a college freshman who’d been attacked. 

When a college freshman ended up in ER after being assaulted by another classmate, a compassionate advocate from Family Service League was called to help. Advocates provide information/referrals, support, and also explain the rights and options a victim has available. 

FSL advocates also provide tangible resources like clothing, water, food, and toiletries to replace what is collected as evidence, which is a crucial step to restoring dignity after an assault.

Like FSL, other Holiday Fund partner agencies are taking action against violence through education, counseling, medical/legal accompaniments, and confidential hotlines. 

Here are just a few:

  • Jewish Family Service’s Trauma / Rachel Coalition Children’s Services (Read more here)

The staff and volunteers at our partner agencies work tirelessly to advocate to restore dignity to survivors and their families. 

We are grateful your generosity is helping to facilitate solutions in New Jersey! Your donation is funneled to agencies like these so they can continue their advocacy. 

You can give online anytime here. Your donation means more survivors are cared for today.

How New Jersey Families are Finding Hope

Did you know that 8.5% of households in New Jersey experience food insecurity? 

That’s 273,136 people! 

It is overwhelming to know that people living next door might be wondering how they’ll feed their family this weekend.  

Families shouldn’t live so vulnerably.

And many of our partner agencies are taking action to alleviate hunger in the Greater Newark area. 

  • The Emergency Food and Nutrition Network of over 80 organizations led by the Catholic Charities of Newark (Read more here)
  • Emergency Food Pantry for residents of the New Community Corporation (Family Service Bureau) (Read more here)

One of our partner agencies, Nutley Family Service Bureau, recently shared a word of gratitude from a family of seven. 

“The help we received from Nutley Family Service Bureau has given my family a moment to catch our breath, a safety net for the times we needed some food, school supplies, and gifts for the children.”

Your generosity empowers stories like this. Your donation helps families find a safety net when things get difficult. 

Has your family participated in giving funds or donating goods together? I’d love to hear your story. Hit REPLY and let me know. 

P.S. If you’d like to give towards one of the efforts above, click here to donate to the Holiday Fund. Every donation you give is funneled to 10 partner agencies and helps directly with efforts like these. 

Transforming Lives with Youth Consultation Services

Aside from basic needs, Youth Consultation Services YCS also looks after social, emotional, and mental health through intensive care programs and community support for the underprivileged.

Found hope, cultivated strength, and resilience for a brighter future. These are what Youth Consultation Services provides.

If you want to take part in this initiative and change lives, visit today.

Transforming Lives with Urban League of Essex County

The Urban League of Essex County ensures disadvantaged individuals and families that they will gain better opportunities, financial stability, homeownership, and more through its social services and relevant programs.

With the help of dedicated volunteers and compassionate professionals, ULEC aims to make a difference in thousands of people who needs assistance.

Want to know more about this initiative? Head over to now.

Transforming Lives with Nutley Family Service Bureau

Founded in 1913, Nutley Family Service Bureau continues to live out its core mission in prioritizing one’s mental health as an integral part of life.

NFSB seeks to provide community outreach initiatives to individuals and families through social service programs and affordable mental health counseling.

Head over to today to learn more about our partner agency and more.

Transforming Lives with Newark Day Center

For years, Newark Day Center strives to support the surrounding communities of New Jersey through child support, opportunities for adults, social services for the elderly, and summer camping experiences.

Find out how your donation can help this and many other organizations that the Greater Newark Holiday Fund assist!

Visit today to learn more.

Transforming Lives with Jewish Family Services

Last year, Jewish Family Services extended help to over 5000 people in need within the Metrowest and Greater Boston regions. This includes basic family needs, academic support, psychological and emotional support and other social services available for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Your help is needed now more than ever! Find out how your donation can help this and many other organizations that the Greater Newark Holiday Fund assist.

Visit today for more information!

Transforming lives with Family Service League

Did you know that Family Service League offers outstanding counseling, therapy, social and educational services without regard to financial status, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation?

Visit to learn more about their services and how you can help transform the lives of families and individuals today.

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