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Celebrating 110 Years of Community Service: A Nutley Family Service Bureau Milestone

Congrats to NFSB on 110 years of service! They’ve raised their fundraising goal to $110,000 and need our support. 

Being there for their neighbors is not just a task for Nutley Family Service Bureau (NFSB); it’s a tradition that has been upheld for more than a century. The organization has consistently been a source of hope, strengthening the emotional and social well-being of individuals and families through affordable mental health counseling and social service programs. Their dedication to service goes beyond words; it’s a testament to their unwavering commitment to bettering lives and fostering community resilience.

A Nutley Family Service Bureau Milestone Worth Recognizing

We are extending our heartfelt congratulations to NFSB for marking its 110 years of tireless service in the community. This remarkable milestone not only represents over a century of dedication and commitment, but it also highlights the significant contributions made by NFSB to uplift the lives of many in northern New Jersey.

A Raised Fundraising Goal: A Call to Action

To commemorate their milestone anniversary and to address the increasing needs of the community, NFSB has significantly increased their fundraising goal to $110,000. This ambitious aim reflects the growing needs of those served by NFSB and the commitment of NFSB to meet them head-on. However, they can’t do it alone.

People in need are counting on NFSB, which means NFSB is counting on you – the donors. Your support will ensure that the organization continues its critical work for another century and beyond.

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund: Supporting NFSB’s Mission

Did you know that a donation to the Holiday Fund is a gift to 11 organizations in New Jersey, including Nutley Family Service Bureau? The Greater Newark Holiday Fund has long been a supporter of NFSB, recognizing the importance of its mission and the impact it has on the community.

Your donation to the Holiday Fund will go a long way in supporting NFSB’s initiatives, helping them reach their fundraising goal, and ensuring they continue their vital work in the community.

How You Can Help

Join us in supporting NFSB in their mission. Learn more about how you can contribute at Your generosity will make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Let’s come together to uphold the 110-year tradition of NFSB, and help them continue their invaluable service to our community. 

Every contribution counts. Together, we can make a difference. Donate today at

Family Connections: Advancing Help with a Mobile Healthcare Unit

Celebrating Family Connections and their achievements, including a new mobile healthcare unit.

One of our agency partners, Family Connections, has just achieved the status of a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center (CCBHC). 

This means that they won’t just continue to offer you top-tier mental health substance use services, but they will also collaborate with other community organizations and healthcare facilities to provide you with coordinated comprehensive support.⁠

Mobile Healthcare Units

One of the exciting new services now available to Family Connections’ CCBHC clients is a mobile healthcare unit, courtesy of their partnership with Newark Community Health Centers (NCHC). This mobile unit will be onsite twice a month, offering services such as COVID vaccines, flu shots, internal medicine, and dentistry.⁠

This mobile unit represents a significant advancement in ensuring your overall healthcare needs are met.⁠

Family Connections is overjoyed about this partnership and the opportunity it brings for access to primary health care services right on their premises.

You can celebrate this achievement for Family Connections⁠ by following them on social media and keeping up with their agency news. 

Join us in making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Your generous donation to the Holiday Fund can bring about transformative change. 

Give today, and be a part of this incredible journey of compassion and support.

Championing Financial Empowerment: The Urban League of Essex County

The Urban League of Essex County enables community empowerment and life changes through its Savings Programs, fostering financial independence and security.

The Urban League of Essex County is dedicated to empowering communities and changing lives. One way it achieves this is through its Savings Programs. These initiatives are designed to instill financial discipline and independence among participants.

Financial Empowerment Through Savings

This year, an impressive 66 individuals enrolled in ULEC’s Savings Programs have collectively saved a total of $30,765. This achievement is both about the monetary value saved as well as the potential for a more secure financial future that it represents for these individuals and their families.

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund’s Role

The GNHF serves as a pillar of support for agencies like ULEC. Its mission centers around raising funds to aid social service agencies across northern New Jersey. By doing so, it enables 11 organizations to continue providing essential services to those in need throughout the year.

The GNHF recognizes the importance of financial education and independence, and ULEC’s Savings Programs align perfectly with this vision. By supporting the GNHF, you’re indirectly contributing to the success of initiatives like ULEC’s Savings Programs.

Will you join the movement and give today? Join the Greater Newark Holiday Fund in bringing hope to New Jersey residents in need. 

Spreading Thanksgiving Spirit: Nutley Family Service Bureau

Explore Nutley Family Service Bureau‘s embodiment of the Thanksgiving spirit, and learn how you can contribute to this noble cause.

Nutley Family Service Bureau, a place of hope and support in the community, once again showed its extraordinary commitment last Thanksgiving. In an impressive display of dedication, the organization managed to distribute as many as 177 dinners—a testament to their tireless efforts in making a difference!

Distributing so many dinners is no small feat, especially considering the challenging times we are living through. It’s organizations like these that remind us of the power of community and the impact of goodwill.

Thank you, NFSB for not only warming our hearts but also filling our bellies, providing much-needed sustenance and comfort during the holiday season. This effort truly embodies the Thanksgiving spirit, reminding us all to be thankful for our community and those who dedicate themselves to serve it. 

Need help sourcing food this holiday season? Contact NFSB for a confidential appointment. 

Addressing Food Insecurity

This certainly isn’t the first time that NFSB has consistently demonstrated its commitment to addressing food insecurity within the community. The organization operates a Food Pantry, providing essential goods to residents and families in need. This initiative requires substantial collaboration, from food drive collections to stocking shelves and distributing goods. 

Even during the statewide shutdown in 2020, NFSB partnered with the Nutley Public School District to distribute an impressive 16,000 meals to children in the community. Their sustained efforts attest to their mission of strengthening the social and emotional well-being of individuals and families.

Emphasizing Personal & Education Advancement

But NFSB’s achievement goes beyond the distribution of meals. In 2023, they celebrated the awarding of the Bedford Scholarship for 2023 to long-time volunteer and intern, Siri Bhat. This scholarship underscores the organization’s commitment to fostering personal development and educational advancement within the community.

Moreover, 2023 marks the 110th year of NFSB’s operation, an extraordinary milestone that attests to their enduring presence and vital role in the community. Throughout the years, NFSB has expanded its services to meet the evolving needs of the community, as evidenced by their diverse range of essential services offered during the challenging year of 2020.

At its core, NFSB’s work is about empowering individuals and families to overcome obstacles and create a future filled with hope and possibility. Each person they serve represents a story of resilience and transformation.

Congratulations to the Nutley Family Service Bureau for their outstanding work and continuous devotion to changing lives and shaping futures. Here’s to many more years of making a difference in our community!

Supporting NFSB By Donating To The Holiday Fund

The Nutley Family Service Bureau’s endeavors are bolstered by the Greater Newark Holiday Fund. This fund plays a crucial role in supporting the organization, enabling them to carry out their vital work in the community. Their contribution is invaluable, providing much-needed resources and support to make initiatives like the Thanksgiving dinner distribution possible.

We encourage everyone to contribute to the Nutley Family Service Bureau, and ten other vital agencies in New Jersey, by donating to the Greater Newark Holiday Fund. Your donation, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need. 

Together, we can make a difference. Visit Greater Newark Holiday Fund to make your contribution now

MHANJ Partners With Organizations To Support Military Families’ Mental Health

In 2023, MHANJ’s Angelini and Stephens conducted a mental health class for military families, supported by several organizations and the Greater Newark Holiday Fund.

The Mental Health Association in New Jersey (MHANJ) has been a long-standing pillar of support, resource, and refuge for individuals grappling with mental health and substance use disorders. With its rich history and unwavering commitment to enhancing lives, it’s no wonder the community holds MHANJ in such high esteem.

MHANJ is known for its comprehensive services, which include emotional support, information dissemination, referrals, and community outreach. It also provides psycho-educational services, coping strategies, and linkages with other individuals, ensuring a holistic approach to mental health care.

Digital Therapeutic Programs

In a bid to keep up with the evolving times and needs, MHANJ partnered with GoMo Health to create personalized digital therapeutic programs. These programs aim to offer behavioral and mental health services to New Jersey residents, further broadening their reach and impact.

Advocacy and Support

The organization doesn’t just stop at providing services. They actively promote good mental health, work to reduce barriers that prevent people from seeking help, and strive to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Their advocacy extends to a broader scale, with the New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies (NJAMHAA) condemning violent attacks and extending their support in times of distress.

MHANJ and the Military Community

In 2023, Jaime Angelini and Neal Stephens from MHANJ conducted a class on mental health first aid for military members, veterans, and their families. This initiative, held at the SpectraCare Foundation and Carlton R. Rouh Veterans Center in collaboration with the New Jersey Hospital Association, exemplifies their dedication to all segments of the community.

Your Contribution Matters

Raising support for these vital causes and initiatives is the Greater Newark Holiday Fund. We are a proud supporter of MHANJ and ten other critical agencies that serve families and individuals in New Jersey.

Your partnership can make a significant difference. By supporting the Holiday Fund, you’re directly contributing to the invaluable work carried out by MHANJ and other critical organizations who offer a helping hand to clothe, feed, and shelter New Jersey individuals and families. Your donation can change lives, provide hope, and create a better tomorrow for those who need it most.

Consider making a donation today at and be a part of this incredible journey towards better mental health for all.

Supporting Mental Health: A Salute to the Mental Health Association in New Jersey

The Mental Health Association in New Jersey provides a crucial lifeline through their hotline, demonstrating their commitment to supporting mental health.

In times of crisis, a single phone call or text message can make a world of difference. For those struggling with mental health issues, it can be the lifeline they so desperately need. In New Jersey, there’s one organization we want to recognize that has stepped up to provide this essential service.

The Mental Health Association in New Jersey (MHANJ) has facilitated over 27,000 calls and texts via their dedicated mental health hotline. Staffed by caring professionals who are trained to provide support and guidance, this service is a beacon of hope for many individuals navigating the challenging terrain of mental health issues.

The Human Touch in Mental Health Support

MHANJ’s hotline isn’t just about numbers; it’s about the human touch. Each call or text represents a person who reached out for help and found a compassionate ear on the other end of the line. This dedicated team works tirelessly, responding to a high volume of requests for support. Their commitment to providing this lifeline is a testament to their dedication to the mental well-being of their community.

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund: An Opportunity to Give Back

While MHANJ does incredible work, they can’t do it alone. That’s where organizations like the Greater Newark Holiday Fund come in. This Fund offers crucial financial support to a range of social service agencies, including MHANJ.

Supporting mental health is a collective responsibility. By donating to the Greater Newark Holiday Fund, you’re not just giving money; you’re giving hope. You’re helping to ensure that when someone reaches out in their time of need, there’s someone there to answer.

Join us in recognizing the incredible work of the Mental Health Association in New Jersey. Donate to the Greater Newark Holiday Fund today and help them continue their lifesaving work. Together, we can make a difference.

Visit Greater Newark Holiday Fund to make your contribution now. Remember, every little bit helps. 

5 Fun Ways Grandparents Can Leave a Legacy of Giving

Explore interesting ways grandparents can foster generosity in grandchildren, creating a meaningful legacy of giving.

The role of a grandparent in a child’s life is incredibly special and holds immense influence. As a grandparent, you have a unique opportunity to shape your grandchild’s character, instill values, and leave a legacy that extends far beyond material possessions. 

One of the most impactful legacies you can leave is teaching them the importance of giving and cultivating charitable habits. This not only helps create a more compassionate and caring individual but also contributes to a kinder and more empathetic society. The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is inherently powerful and intimate, making it an ideal platform for imparting such important life lessons. 

This article will explore various ways grandparents can inspire and nurture a spirit of generosity in their grandchildren, leaving a legacy that truly makes a difference.

5 Fun Ways Grandparents Can Leave a Legacy of Giving

1. Model Generosity

Modeling generosity is vital in child development as it cultivates empathy, instills moral values, and promotes gratitude. It’s simple: children learn by observing adults! 

When they see adults being generous, it teaches the value of community cooperation and sets a positive example for children to emulate, shaping them into compassionate individuals.

Meaningful Way to Instill Giving

Does your family legacy include a rich history of philanthropic deeds? Share about the generous acts that have shaped your family’s story over the generations. If possible, explain how these acts of kindness left their imprint on the world.

2. Volunteer Together

Volunteering promotes empathy and understanding of others’ circumstances, vital for developing a giving nature.  This firsthand experience helps kids of all ages understand the struggles faced by others, fostering compassion and a desire to help. 

Also, volunteering together nurtures a giving nature, encouraging children to contribute positively to their communities and beyond. This sense of social responsibility, once developed, often extends beyond the volunteering experience, influencing other areas of life as well. 

Volunteerism in Action

Find a local agency that has volunteer opportunities for “kids” of all ages — from your youngest grandchild to you! If you’re in the New Jersey area, consider contacting one of our partner agencies and helping at the Nutley Family Service Bureau Food Pantry or Family Service League, or one of the other 9 agencies we support.

3. Set up a Charity Jar

This creates a visual representation of the act of giving, serving as a tangible reminder of the importance of giving. It allows children to see their contributions accumulate over time, reinforcing the notion that every little bit helps. 

This hands-on approach not only makes the concept of charity more accessible but also makes the act of giving a routine part of their lives. Furthermore, it can spark conversations about charity, generosity, and the impact of their actions on the wider community.

Giving in Action

Choose a transparent jar and position it in a visible spot for everyone to see. Think about marking levels on the side of the jar to track the growing contributions. Set up friendly contests to fill up the jar before a specific event, such as a holiday or birthday. 

4. Involve Kids in Charitable Decisions

Allowing your grandkids to play a part in charitable decisions helps them to understand the thought process behind giving. In addition, it helps to remind them of their value and involvement, fostering a sense of responsibility. Moreover, it cultivates a culture of generosity in their hearts, preparing them to be thoughtful and giving individuals in the future.

Explain Your Why

Talk with your grandchildren about the causes you back and why they matter to you. Explain how your donations help and the real changes they make. If you’re a supporter of a Greater Newark Holiday Fund partner agency, share their website and explore the good work happening in Newark thanks to these initiatives.

5. Read Books about Giving and Kindness

Literature can be a powerful tool in shaping behaviors and values, including generosity. 

Grandparents reading to their grandchildren is a powerful bonding experience that imparts valuable life lessons and wisdom. These shared moments can shape a child’s understanding of the world, foster empathy, and instill important values. Additionally, these sessions enhance a child’s mind, imagination, speech, and cultivate a lifelong love for reading and learning. The impact of these shared experiences can profoundly influence a child’s life. 

Books to Read Today

To influence your grandchild in the area of giving and generosity, numerous books beautifully illustrate these concepts. In addition to the ones listed in a recent article called Cultivating Generosity in Kids: Inspiring Giving Through Reading, consider an old favorite: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. This classic picture book explores the selfless love and generosity of a tree for a boy as he grows up and demonstrates empathy and the enduring power of unconditional giving and the profound impact it can have on our lives. 

Learn more about our partners: Impact by the Numbers: Family Service Bureau’s mental health sessions

Leaving a Legacy of Generosity

The role of a grandparent is not just about spoiling grandchildren with love and treats; it’s about shaping their character, instilling values, and leaving a legacy of generosity. To support you on this incredible journey, we have created a guide called 10 Ways to Raise Kids to Give, filled with practical tips and strategies. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to positively impact the kids in your life. Click here to download our free guide now and start nurturing a spirit of giving in your grandchildren today. 

Remember, the legacy you leave is the life you lead. Let’s make it count!

A Special Event by Jewish Family Service

A Jewish Family Service special summer event celebrates the esteemed 1861 Society.

In the summer of 2023, Jewish Family Service of MetroWest NJ (JFS) hosted an extraordinary appreciation event for the esteemed 1861 Society. 

Held at the stunning home of Eve & David Sorkin, the event served as a platform for laughter, learning, and heartfelt stories from the JFS President and other leaders. As they shared their reasons for contributing to this 150-year-old social service agency, the event became a testament to the transformative power of giving.

A Memorable Gathering

The event organized by JFS brought together members of the 1861 Society and showcased the profound impact of their contributions. Against the backdrop of the beautiful Sorkin residence, attendees enjoyed an evening filled with camaraderie, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of the vital role JFS plays in the community.

Messages of Support and Inspiration

As influential leaders took the stage, they used their voices to amplify the importance of giving back. Through personal anecdotes and heartfelt stories, they shed light on the remarkable work carried out by JFS and articulated the reasons behind their unwavering support for this respected organization.

Illuminating the Path: The Holiday Fund

In a world where compassion and support can make all the difference, we invite you to join us in creating a meaningful impact through your generous contribution to the Holiday Fund. 

By supporting this vital initiative, not only do you directly benefit JFS, but you also lend a helping hand to ten other agencies that play crucial roles in illuminating the path for those in need within communities across New Jersey.

Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of those in need and foster a stronger, more inclusive society. Join us in this journey by donating at

Jewish Family Service of MetroWest NJ: Feeding Hope by Delivering Meals to Those in Need

Jewish Family Service of MetroWest New Jersey makes an impact by delivering meals to thousands.

Amazing news from Jewish Family Service of MetroWest New Jersey! A team of 46 dedicated volunteers have made a significant impact in our community by delivering an incredible 4,729 meals to over 180 clients.

Delivering Meals And Support

Each meal delivered is a message of care, support, and community solidarity. These volunteers are not just delivering meals, they’re delivering hope and comfort to those who need it the most.

This initiative exemplifies the spirit of giving and shows how every act of kindness can create a ripple effect of positive change. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication of these volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their service.

To each of the 46 volunteers – thank you for your selfless service. Your efforts are truly making a difference!

Donate To Provide Essential Help

Did you know that a gift to the Holiday Fund directly benefits critical organizations like Jewish Family Service of MetroWest New Jersey? Each donation you make has a profound impact, providing essential aid to those in New Jersey who are most in need. Your contribution to the Holiday Fund isn’t merely a monetary gift; it’s a lifeline for those seeking hope. Spread hope by donating online today.

Celebrating SAVE’s Impactful Summer

SAVE is making significant strides in sexual violence prevention through education and community outreach.

This summer has been nothing short of remarkable for the Family Service League’s SAVE program. Their mission to prevent sexual violence has seen them take significant strides in our community, and the Holiday Fund is thrilled to celebrate their work.

A Season of Prevention

From June through August, SAVE embarked on a series of collaborations with 16 distinct local organizations. The objective? To deliver indispensable education on sexual violence prevention.

SAVE is a part of Essex County’s Sexual Assault Team, which consists of Forensic Nurse Examiners, Law Enforcement, and SAVE’s Confidential Sexual Violence Advocates.

The team has two goals: To provide direct services to survivors of sexual violence and their families and to work to prevent sexual violence through education and advocacy.

Over the summer, the trainings offered by SAVE encompassed a broad range of crucial topics. These included healthy dating, consent, and cyberbullying, all of which are vital components of sexual violence prevention. They didn’t stop there. SAVE also zoomed in on specific areas such as Sexual Violence 101, College Campus Sexual Violence, and Elder Abuse Sexual Violence, thereby ensuring a comprehensive approach to the issue.

Community Outreach

In addition to these educational endeavors, SAVE was actively involved in numerous community outreach events. Their participation saw them share valuable information, provide referrals, and distribute educational materials on prevention. This hands-on approach underscores their commitment to making a tangible difference in our community.

Looking Ahead: Continuing the Momentum

As we reflect on the summer’s achievements, we’re filled with anticipation for what’s to come. We look forward to supporting SAVE and their community partnerships, contributing to the shared goal of a safer society.

Here’s to more progress, more education, and an even greater positive impact!

You, too, can join us in supporting Family Service League’s initiatives by contributing to the Holiday Fund. Donating is simple at