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Transforming Lives In The Greater Newark Community With The Fresh Air Fund Experience

Newark Day Center’s Fresh Air Fund experience has positively impacted Newark families by providing life-changing summer camps for inner-city children.

Did you know that the Fresh Air Fund, spearheaded by Newark Day Center, has been positively impacting the lives of individuals in the Greater Newark community for over 137 years? This initiative, supported in part by the Greater Newark Holiday Fund, is dedicated to providing life-changing summer camp experiences to inner-city children, including those with special needs.

Newark Day Center: Empowering Young Lives

Newark Day Center (NDC) stands as a dependable agency in the community, committed to improving the lives of young people. Through initiatives like the Fresh Air Fund, the organization has demonstrated unwavering dedication to addressing the needs of the rapidly-increasing population of families in the city. 

By offering transformative summer camp experiences, NDC is actively contributing to the well-being and development of inner-city children, ensuring they have access to rest, relaxation, and the rejuvenating effects of fresh air.

Discover how NDC helped a child with his learning and development.

The Fresh Air Fund: Goals and Outcomes

The Fresh Air Fund has set forth a comprehensive list of goals and outcomes for the campers it serves. These goals ensure that each child not only benefits from the program but also experiences personal growth and enrichment. Some of the key objectives include:

  • Providing healthy meals while at camp
  • Offering activities that stimulate cognitive and physical growth
  • Creating opportunities to expand the network of friends
  • Ensuring a fun and memorable experience for every child

Enriching Camp Experiences

The Fresh Air Fund meticulously selects certified and accredited camps, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality. Additionally, these camps are evaluated annually by Fresh Air Fund staff to maintain excellence in their offerings. Children with special needs, whether physical or neurological, are thoughtfully placed at camps designed to accommodate their unique requirements.

Diverse and Engaging Activities

Camp days are filled with a diverse array of activities tailored to engage and inspire the campers. From computer literacy and reading to nature and science, the program aims to provide a well-rounded educational and recreational experience. Other activities include conflict resolution, cultural awareness, biking, arts and crafts, hiking, sports, drama, swimming, music, environmental awareness, and much more.

Give Back to Newark Day Center

Your contribution to the Holiday Fund, a proud supporter of NDC, can make a tangible difference in the lives of young individuals in the Greater Newark community. Through your donations, your support can help transform the lives of children and create a positive impact on the community.

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Newark Day Center Celebrates Increased Tax Credit For Families

The Newark Day Center recently hosted two assemblywomen who announced an increased tax credit for New Jersey families.

Newark Day Center, a cornerstone of the local community, recently celebrated a significant milestone. The center played host to Assemblywomen Verlina Reynolds-Jackson and Shanique Speight who came bearing exciting news about changes to the New Jersey Child Tax Credit.

A Big Boost for New Jersey Families

The assemblywomen announced that, with the new state budget, the tax credit has been increased to $1,000 for qualifying families. This change is set to make life more affordable for these families, offering them financial relief and security. It’s a crucial step forward in addressing economic disparities and ensuring every family can thrive in the state.

The Role of Newark Day Center

Newark Day Center has long been committed to aiding those in need within the community. This recent event underscores their dedication to being a platform for positive change. By facilitating such important discussions and announcements, the center continues to highlight its significance in the realm of social and economic justice.

Greater Newark Holiday Fund: A Valued Supporter

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund has consistently shown its support for Newark Day Center and the pivotal work they do. The fund is a strong advocate for community development and welfare, providing essential resources to organizations such as the Newark Day Center.

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund plays a critical role in enabling the center to continue its work. Their support empowers the center to carry out its mission of fostering a more equitable and prosperous community.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Would you consider supporting Newark Day Center with a contribution to the Greater Newark Holiday Fund? When you give, you’re directly supporting Newark Day Center and ten other best-in-class agencies who provide necessities to individuals and families in northern New Jersey. 

Whether it’s helping to facilitate important legislative updates like the NJ Child Tax Credit or providing direct support to those in need, your donation can make a real difference.

Join us in our commitment to creating a brighter future for all New Jersey families. Give to the Greater Newark Holiday Fund today, and together, we can make life in our state more affordable for those who need it most.

Individual Education Program/Plan (IEP) helps a child with his learning and development.

When a caring teacher advocates for the kids in her classroom, change occurs.

Noticing that 4-year-old Kyle was wandering off during large or small group activities and struggling with directives, Newark Day Center teacher, Ms. Osborne, made observations and took notes on Kyle’s behaviors. Soon after, she brought her concerns to the family workers, social worker, and eventually the parents, who were encouraged to speak with the child study team of Newark Public School. These pros set Kyle on a new path–one that includes an IEP.

An IEP, Individual Education Program/Plan, is a written plan that describes the programs and special services a student is required to follow in order to be successful. Kyle’s IEP recommended that he receive educational, speech, and occupational therapy assessments and an autism consultation.

These accommodations were implemented and, after time, Ms. Osborne reports that Kyle was improving more every day and beginning to communicate and interact more. In all, the IEP process was a success as it helped Kyle and his family prepare for grade school.

Hats off to the staff of Newark Day Center who were able to help get Kyle on track with his learning and child development.🙌

Newark Day Center

For more than 139 years, the Greater Newark Fresh Air Fund, run by Newark Day Center, has been making it possible for inner-city kids from Newark to enjoy camping experiences. 

That’s a lot of campfires. 

More importantly, that’s a lot of children — through the fun and work of camping — to learn the skills needed to lead happy, successful lives.

But that’s not all that Newark Day Center does for the community. 

The Newark Day Center Mission

The Newark Day Center is passionate about advocating for those in need and helping learn the skills they need to succeed. That’s accomplished by providing a variety of comprehensive services to children, youth, adults, and seniors. 

Services Provided 

  • The Center conducts training for individuals seeking entry-level Child Development Associate credentials (CDA) in conjunction with the Early Childhood Institute.
  • The Parent Aid Program provides support services and resources to parents, like clothing, furniture, food and other household supplies. 

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About the daily happenings at the busy center, Donna Johnson-Thompson, EdD, Executive Director, said:

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my long career with Newark Day Center has been the opportunity to meet wonderful people along the way. Starting with the little learners who brighten our doors each day; to young parents committed to being the best they can be; to tireless grandparents; and to our supporters who come in all shapes and sizes.”

There’s never a dull moment at the NDC. 

The Organization’s History

The Newark Day Center was founded in 1803 as the Newark Female Charitable Society, begun by a group of distinguished ladies in the community. 

The original plan and primary goal of the society was simple: 

Helping people gain employment by training them in new skills and by providing both the means and materials to earn a living. 

In other words, helping people learn how to help themselves. That mission is still being accomplished every single day at NDC.

Community Impact

Did you know that many of the local social services agencies in existence today can trace their origins to Newark Day Center? 

  • United Way of Essex and West Hudson
  • American Red Cross of Newark
  • Newark Boys and Girls Scouts
  • Conference of Jewish Charities
  • Salvation Army,
  • Newark Beth Israel, St. Barnabas, and Presbyterian Hospitals

To learn more about services provided by NDC, or to inquire about volunteering, visit the Newark Day Center’s website