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Celebrating SAVE’s Impactful Summer

SAVE is making significant strides in sexual violence prevention through education and community outreach.

This summer has been nothing short of remarkable for the Family Service League’s SAVE program. Their mission to prevent sexual violence has seen them take significant strides in our community, and the Holiday Fund is thrilled to celebrate their work.

A Season of Prevention

From June through August, SAVE embarked on a series of collaborations with 16 distinct local organizations. The objective? To deliver indispensable education on sexual violence prevention.

SAVE is a part of Essex County’s Sexual Assault Team, which consists of Forensic Nurse Examiners, Law Enforcement, and SAVE’s Confidential Sexual Violence Advocates.

The team has two goals: To provide direct services to survivors of sexual violence and their families and to work to prevent sexual violence through education and advocacy.

Over the summer, the trainings offered by SAVE encompassed a broad range of crucial topics. These included healthy dating, consent, and cyberbullying, all of which are vital components of sexual violence prevention. They didn’t stop there. SAVE also zoomed in on specific areas such as Sexual Violence 101, College Campus Sexual Violence, and Elder Abuse Sexual Violence, thereby ensuring a comprehensive approach to the issue.

Community Outreach

In addition to these educational endeavors, SAVE was actively involved in numerous community outreach events. Their participation saw them share valuable information, provide referrals, and distribute educational materials on prevention. This hands-on approach underscores their commitment to making a tangible difference in our community.

Looking Ahead: Continuing the Momentum

As we reflect on the summer’s achievements, we’re filled with anticipation for what’s to come. We look forward to supporting SAVE and their community partnerships, contributing to the shared goal of a safer society.

Here’s to more progress, more education, and an even greater positive impact!

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Family Service League: Celebrating Steps Towards Healing Through Counseling

Family Service League is pivotal in combating domestic violence by providing critical counseling sessions amidst high abuse rates.

In a world where the prevalence of domestic and family violence is alarmingly high, it’s organizations like the Family Service League of Essex County that play a pivotal role in fostering change. Let’s take a moment to recognize their recent contribution of successfully provided 871 counseling sessions to domestic violence/family violence clients.

Counseling For Justice

This is more than just a number, it’s a testament to the dedication and compassion of those working tirelessly to support individuals dealing with hardship. Each session represents a step towards healing, empowerment, and change. They symbolize the courage of survivors, the dedication of counselors, and the power of a community that refuses to be silent in the face of injustice.

The Critical Importance of Counseling Services

The importance of these counseling services cannot be overstated. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, on average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. This equates to more than 10 million women and men each year. In the face of such staggering statistics, the work done by organizations like the Family Service League becomes all the more critical.

Support Family Service League And Others

As we celebrate the remarkable achievements of the Family Service League of Essex County, let’s remember that their work is made possible through the generosity of individuals like you.

The Holiday Fund supports the FSL and ten other organizations that provide crucial social services in New Jersey. These services range from counseling sessions for survivors of domestic violence, to food pantries for those facing housing insecurity, addiction, and so much more.

Donate to the Holiday Fund today and become a part of this wave of change. Together, we can make a difference.

Impact by the Numbers: Family Service League’s sexual assault hotline

SAVE of Essex County is a branch of the Family Service League that offers support services to survivors of sexual violence in the area. Their 24/7 Toll-Free Confidential Hotline is staffed by trained Confidential Sexual Violence Advocates who provide information, support, and referrals to survivors of sexual assault and their families. The hotline is available in Spanish as well, and can be reached by calling 1-877-733-2273.

Give the gift of hope by donating to the Greater Newark Holiday Fund and supporting FSL’s important work.

The Essential Role of an Advocate in Healing After Sexual Assault

Brad’s story is a powerful one — of being sexually assaulted during his first semester at college, far away from home and feeling alone and ashamed.

The Family Service League Confidential Sexual Violence Advocate provided much-needed support and encouragement, informing Brad that he was not to blame for the assault and there were many resources available. These included forensic evidence collection and reporting to local police with the aid of the advocate, as well as clothing, water, food, and toiletries to help restore Brad’s dignity.

Finally, Brad learned of his rights and resources at school that helped him feel safe so he could continue his education. 

Without advocates like these, victims often feel isolated and unaware of the services available to them. The care and support of an advocate is essential for any survivor’s healing process.

When you donate to the Holiday Fund, you are helping victims like Brad feel safe and supported. Every service agency we partner with is committed to making futures brighter in New Jersey.

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Family Service League

Advocates from Family Service League (FSL) meet victims right where they’re at — quite literally. 

Whether it’s meeting them at the hospital after an assault and providing critical resources, or providing assistance to homeless families with a safe environment and the support needed to secure permanent housing, FSL wants to serve. 


Originally founded in Huntington in 1926 as a social service agency, FSL helps individuals, children, and families to mobilize their strengths and improve the quality of their lives at home, in the workplace, and in the community.

FSL’s assistance improves relationships through counseling, prevention outreach, and education.

More than 50,000 Long Islanders’ lives are improved daily as a result of the 60 programs at 20 locations offered by FSL. Examples include:

  • Addiction services
  • Children’s Services
  • Family and Community Support
  • Housing and Homeless Services
  • Mental Health and Integrated Care
  • Senior and Caregiver Services
  • Trauma and Crisis Counseling
  • Training and Employment

In a recent newsletter, Karen Boorshtein, LCSW President & CEO of FSL wrote:

The impact that our ‘FSL Family’ has had in the face of this crisis is inspiring. Working together, FSL continues to make a difference in the lives of those most vulnerable, like 11-year-old Danny, who is now receiving weekly counseling care for depression, which was heightened by the seclusion of COVID-19, or Christine and her infant, struggling with poverty. She received prenatal care, links to tangible resources, and counseling to overcome the trauma she experienced due to years of neglect during her own childhood.

Today, FSL continues to evolve and create innovative care in all areas to best meet the changings needs of the community. 

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Developing alliances has become a hallmark of FSL’s leadership and vision in its goal to build networks of care for those in need. For example:

  • Management of a Suffolk county homeless shelter that provides housing for 400 individuals every day
  • Development of integrated health care, which makes it possible for clients with complex behavioral health difficulties to receive mental health and substance abuse counseling and primary care services in one location
  • Collaboration with local school districts as the largest community-based provider of universal pre-kindergarten in Suffolk county
  • Partnership with Southside Hospital Northwell Health for a new health and wellness care facility being constructed on the South Shore.


Volunteers are the heart of Family Service League: Without their commitment to the mission and their passion for helping those who need it most, FSL wouldn’t be able to touch so many lives. 

Opportunities include:

  • Administrative support 
  • Transporting food
  • Transporting toy drive goods 
  • Special event assistance
  • Tutoring

FSL also provides training for volunteers who want to advocate for the seniors in NJ communities. 

Learn more about joining the FSL family of more than 400 volunteers.



When 32-year-old Michelle sought medical treatment at a hospital after an assault, FSL’s Confidential Sexual Violence Advocate was called through the 24-hour emergency hotline.`

With the assistance of the advocate, Michelle made next-step decisions and received needed help as she walked through the steps of pressing charges. The FSL advocate was there to hold her hand, wipe her tears, supply her with fresh garments and other necessities, and provide the victim with the gift of her presence. 

Working as advocates and supporters of people in need, FSL has been restoring hope and rebuilding lives for 95 years with the help of the caring people in the Long Island community.

Whether it be seniors seeking help, the homeless seeking shelter, or those suffering from addiction, or facing the challenges of mental illness, Family Service League wants to offer help when it’s needed most.

Learn more about the FSL and the incredible work being done for Long Islanders when you visit the Family Service League website

Family Service League helps woman deprived of strong relationships

Delilah, 40, contacted Family Service League after being sexually assaulted by her pastor, who convinced her that she could trade sex for spiritual healing. After placing faith in her pastor, Delilah was devastated to learn that he had used and manipulated her.

Delilah has had a difficult time with relationships. Her parents were never married. Her father believed her to be a mistake and asked her mother to terminate the pregnancy. After Delilah was born prematurely, her mother did not believe she could care for her and the infant was placed with a friend. Years later, while in fifth grade, Delilah was returned to her mother’s care — but torn from the only mother she ever knew. As a result, Delilah grew up having a tumultuous relationship with her birth mother that never fully recovered.

When Delilah was older, she began a polygamous relationship with a man and moved to Nevada to be with him. When she got pregnant, her then “sister-wife” became jealous and insisted that she leave the property, forcing Delilah to move back to her mother’s home and raise the child alone. She struggles financially, as she never went to college and cannot seem to meet the demands of raising a child as a single mother.

At Family Service League, Delilah can talk openly about the difficulties of finding a relationship that satisfies her desire to be loved. She is given the opportunity to process the impact of her assault and is empowered to use her voice. Delilah attends her sessions weekly and works diligently to regain control of the light in her life that she once felt was lost.

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