Newark Day Center

For more than 139 years, the Greater Newark Fresh Air Fund, run by Newark Day Center, has been making it possible for inner-city kids from Newark to enjoy camping experiences. 

That’s a lot of campfires. 

More importantly, that’s a lot of children — through the fun and work of camping — to learn the skills needed to lead happy, successful lives.

But that’s not all that Newark Day Center does for the community. 

The Newark Day Center Mission

The Newark Day Center is passionate about advocating for those in need and helping learn the skills they need to succeed. That’s accomplished by providing a variety of comprehensive services to children, youth, adults, and seniors. 

Services Provided 

  • The Center conducts training for individuals seeking entry-level Child Development Associate credentials (CDA) in conjunction with the Early Childhood Institute.
  • The Parent Aid Program provides support services and resources to parents, like clothing, furniture, food and other household supplies. 

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About the daily happenings at the busy center, Donna Johnson-Thompson, EdD, Executive Director, said:

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my long career with Newark Day Center has been the opportunity to meet wonderful people along the way. Starting with the little learners who brighten our doors each day; to young parents committed to being the best they can be; to tireless grandparents; and to our supporters who come in all shapes and sizes.”

There’s never a dull moment at the NDC. 

The Organization’s History

The Newark Day Center was founded in 1803 as the Newark Female Charitable Society, begun by a group of distinguished ladies in the community. 

The original plan and primary goal of the society was simple: 

Helping people gain employment by training them in new skills and by providing both the means and materials to earn a living. 

In other words, helping people learn how to help themselves. That mission is still being accomplished every single day at NDC.

Community Impact

Did you know that many of the local social services agencies in existence today can trace their origins to Newark Day Center? 

  • United Way of Essex and West Hudson
  • American Red Cross of Newark
  • Newark Boys and Girls Scouts
  • Conference of Jewish Charities
  • Salvation Army,
  • Newark Beth Israel, St. Barnabas, and Presbyterian Hospitals

To learn more about services provided by NDC, or to inquire about volunteering, visit the Newark Day Center’s website

Family Connections

High angle portrait of people sitting in circle during therapy session in support group, copy space

Far too many people and families in New Jersy communities struggle with serious challenges—from trauma and mental illness to addiction, domestic violence, and child abuse. 

Family Connections (FC) is here to make sure no one has to face these challenges alone. They deliver a wide range of services across Northern New Jersey, including:

  • Counseling
  • Prevention and training
  • Family bonding
  • Family reunification
  • Social-emotional skills-building

The highly-trained staff is committed to excellence, bringing their many skills and big hearts to work every day – not only in their offices, but on-site in schools and directly in the home. They work with people as they define their own needs, goals, and plans for better lives so that thousands of children, teens, mothers, fathers, veterans, seniors, and others can heal and succeed in school, work, and life.

Teen Impacted by Family Connections

New Jersey teenager Ava reflects on the changes she’s experienced since attending Family Connections’ Outpatient Counseling and Outreach to At-Risk Youth:

“In 6th grade, my great-grandfather died. I was acting out, getting suspended, getting into a lot of stuff, and not talking about what was going on inside me. I kept it all inside.

I’m a very emotional person and my counselors at Family Connections helped me understand my feelings. I don’t break down like I used to. I learned to express myself through talking and writing poetry and not through getting into trouble.

Now I have confidence in myself and I’m doing better in school. I’m a strong person after all I’ve been through. If Family Connections didn’t turn me around and help me find my strength, I’d probably be in big trouble now.”

When asked what advice she’d give to other young people who are struggling, she said: 

“Kids should know: You’re not alone. You need to talk to someone who listens and makes you happy. And express how you feel. If you draw, then draw. If you sing, then sing.”

Data-Driven Results

Ava is one of many NJ residents who have been introduced to life-changing resources through Family Connections. 

Data has shown success in every single area measured. Here’s a quick snapshot:

Family Connections ProgramMeasurement GoalActual
Clean and Cool (adolescent substance abuse treatment andlife skills training):Participating youth will have no new reports of high-risk/criminal behavior
Clean and Cool:Youth who attend at least three sessions will achieve abstinence.75%97%
OTARY (Outreach to At-Risk Youth)Participating youth will have no new reports of high-risk/criminal behavior.80%81%
DREAMS Program for children exposed to domestic violenceParticipating children will show improved emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning.70%90%
DREAMS:Participating families will demonstrate improved family bonding and communications.70%100%

These statistics are impressive, but Family Connections has another way to summarize the success of the individuals who participate in their 35 programs:

One human being at a time.

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Increasing Impact

In the past decade, the number of people participating in Family Connections’ services has quadrupled to more than 4,000 per year. Family Connections rigorously tracks data across programs, measuring both the soft and hard impact of the work. They are:

  • Decreasing child abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence, and homelessness
  • Increasing social and coping skills, school success, employability and family bonding

Family Connections History

Family Connections started in 1879 as the Orange Registry Society. They loaned out horses and wagons from our stable and offered volunteers and food to families who’d fallen on hard times. After 140 years, one merger, and a couple of name changes, they are still in the business of making hope possible by supporting neighbors in need and strengthening communities.

Family Connections’ Mission and Vision

Growth happens every day at FC. With counseling, skills-building, training and prevention services, people take control of their own healing and foster connections that make the entire community stronger, safer, and healthier.

Family Connections see a world where no one faces life’s challenges alone—where we all have the opportunities, connections, and resources we need to thrive.

Core Values

We are inclusive.

FC honors the diverse backgrounds of the people they work with, centering everything on their identities and lived experiences⁠ — across race, gender identity, economic status, sexual orientation, religion, education, disability, age, and more.

We are strengths-based.

Everyone has inherent strengths. By identifying and building on those strengths, clients create their own paths to wellness and success.

We are relationship-driven.

FC believes that connections—whether to family, friends, or community—are the foundation for the physical, emotional, and psychological health of every person.

We are outcome-oriented.

FC pursues positive outcomes for clients and are committed to research-based approaches with proven records of success.

We are collaborative.

FC believes that we are at our best when we work together, look after one another, and foster partnerships across sectors to give our greatest to the people around us.

Make a Difference By Volunteering 

Volunteering can be as simple as re-posting Family Connections news to your social media feed, as hands-on as becoming a homework helper at a school-based program, or as skill-specific as helping with finances and human resources. 

Get details on the Family Connections page

Since 1879, Family Connections has proven that communities thrive when everyone is invested in each other’s well being. When you connect with them, you’re building a stronger, safer, and healthier New Jersey.  

Learn more about the impact they’re making in New Jersey on the Family Connections website.

Youth Consultation Service

Each day, Youth Consultation Service (YCS) provides services to thousands of New Jersey families who have children with special needs. 

Some of the children at YCS’s group homes are separated from their loved ones and have been affected by trauma, others are affected by intellectual and developmental disabilities that adversely affect their behavior. 

Many families receive the intensive in-home and community support that enables their families to stay together. 

Whatever the need, the caring YCS staff is prepared to offer individualized educational, mental health and/or behavioral health programming to families and children, birth – adulthood, with special needs. 

How YCS Services Changed A Life

When Bruce was a child, his life was wrought with struggles. He suffered abuse, displacement, and extreme disappointment. As a result, his anger had turned into rage, and he struggled to manage his emotions. 

Through YCS services, Bruce connected with a special home administrator who has become a life-long friend. Eventually, Bruce was placed with YCS foster parents — the same parents who were found beaming at Bruce’s recent wedding. 

Read more about Bruce’s story on the Youth Consultation Services website

Youth Consultation Services Programs


Services to children with autism are provided through the YCS Sawtelle Services. Resources include the Learning Center, preschool, and residential care, all provided with a unique approach that focuses on each individual’s strengths, abilities and needs.

Watch an interview with Sawtell staff.


Foster parents may all look very different, yet they all share a heart that is prepared to give a child understanding, patience, compassion, empathy, guidance, a strong arm to lean on and a warm embrace when times are tough.


The YCS Educational Division serves students, grades K–8, with diverse behavioral issues at the YCS George Washington School in Bergen County. Classified students come to the YCS schools through Child Study Team referrals or residential placements when a structured program is needed. The YCS-Sawtelle Learning Center in Montclair offers outstanding educational and related services for students with autistic spectrum disorder, ages 3-21. 


The YCS Institute for Infant and Preschool Mental Health, established in 2000, provides training, consultation and clinical services related to infants, toddlers, preschool-age children and their families. 


YCS offers an array of nurturing therapeutic, and life skills teaching residences

for children, teens and young adults with emotional/behavioral health challenges,

developmental and intellectual disabilities. 

  • Psychiatric Children’s Homes
  • Residential Treatment Centers
  • Intensive Residential Treatment Centers
  • Emergency Diagnostic / Crisis Stabilization Center
  • Sawtelle Residential Program
  • Sawtelle Homes for children with developmental/intellectual disabilities and Behavioral challenges.
  • Specialized Treatment Centers


YCS’s services span the vast needs represented in New Jersey, including:

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How It All Began

In 1918, YCS originated from the church mission of help of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark for abandoned women and children. By ‘32, the emphasis shifted to counseling young people through provision of a broad range of services.

In 2021, YCS served 2,675 children and families through their 57 programs. 

Volunteer With YCS

There are several ways to volunteer at YCS, including serving as a mentor, joining the advisory council, organizing a fundraising drive, just to name a few. 

Check out the detailed volunteer opportunities page for more information. 

After more than 100 years of service, YCS continues to find new ways to support, empower, and uplift New Jersey families.

Learn more about the impact YCS is having on the Greater Newark Area when you visit the Youth Consultation Services website.

Children’s Aid and Family Services

Children’s Aid and Family Services (CAFS) strengthens families and empowers individuals — children and adults alike — to reach their fullest potential. 

Through four areas of service, CAFS is strengthening families and building independence:

  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Adoption and Foster Care
  • Children and Family Services
  • The Center For Drug and Alcohol Resources

How One Person’s Life Has Changed

It was through CAFS’s Center For Drug and Alcohol Resources that Erick got clean.

He developed an addiction to painkillers and, when he hit rock bottom and ended up in the emergency room, he met a CAFS worker named Maria.

When he completed his detox treatment and left his residential treatment home, his first call was to Maria. She quickly connected him with an AA sponsor.

A year later, Erick is enthusiastic about his recovery and working hard to maintain his sobriety. Maria describes Erick as “on fire” with passion to stay clean.

Read more about Erick’s story on the CAFS website.

For more than 120 years, Children’s Aid and Family Services (founded as Children’s Aid and Protective Society of the Oranges) has been changing lives. 

From Concerned Mothers to Concerned Citizens

At its emergence in 1899, Children’s Aid was staffed entirely by volunteers, mostly concerned mothers who would ride in horse and carriage to rescue abandoned and orphaned children

What began as a group of caring citizens with a commitment to vulnerable children has grown into an organization that has placed more than 11,000 little ones with loving, nurturing adoptive families. 

Make ONE DONATION to the Holiday Fund and support 10 life-changing organizations in New Jersey.

CAFS is guided by Margaret Mead’s words: 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” 

CAFS’s Mission

Children’s Aid and Family Services strengthens families and empowers individuals – children and adults alike – to reach their fullest potential. Motivated by compassion and in partnership with the community, they make positive lasting differences in the lives of those served. They provide high-quality, innovative services to children, adults, and their families that advance social, educational and emotional development and wellbeing.

Fulfilling The Mission

CAFS focuses on identifying the problem and creatively developing solutions. Here are just a few examples. 


Over 3,200 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are on a waitlist for support services, including housing, day programs, after-school care and in-home support. Some of these individuals are currently living without any social interaction or outside experiences and some even live as shut-ins. Without social and skill-building programs they make little or no progress.


Children’s Aid and Family Services has opened its eighth community home for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, lifting the burden from parents and families unable to care for their loved ones. THe STRIVE day program fosters independence, personal growth and essential life skills so adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can reach their potential and experience fuller lives. The after-school and weekend respite provide enriching activities for members and mentoring and support services for their families.


In 2017, more than 69,000 children across the country were waiting to be adopted from foster care. The average age of a foster child waiting to be placed with a new family is 8, and it takes two to five years for the majority of these children and adolescents to be adopted. Sadly, 20% wait even longer or “age out” of the system with little or no support.


Adoption is a life-changing experience for parents and children, and CAFS offers a variety of services to support families through this challenging and rewarding process.


The statistics on the impact of alcohol and drug misuse are alarming. Teens who start consuming alcohol before age 15 are seven times more likely to experience drinking-related problems than people who begin drinking after turning 21. Opioid overdoses are on the rise and on average, eight people a day will die from an overdose in New Jersey. The disease of addiction takes a toll on both the individual and their family, who often struggle to help their loved one.


The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources is a recognized leader in prevention and recovery. The Center provides extensive resources, information, expertise and support around prevention of alcohol and drug misuse while providing recovery support in our community. CAFS has programs, services and workshops for people of all ages to strengthen families and promote healthy lifestyles.

Because of solutions like these, CAFS can report successful outcomes.


  • 100% of teenagers in CAFS’s care have graduated high school since 2009.
  • Drug and alcohol prevention education provided to over 12,000 adults and teens yearly.
  • 11,000 children have been placed in loving, adoptive homes.
  • Over one-and-a-half million diapers have been provided to families in need.

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to play a part in the work of CAFS? Check out the volunteer page on the website

Learn more about the impact they’re making in New Jersey on the Children’s Aid and Family Services website.

Urban League of Essex County

Urban League of Essex County helps to create jobs, teach new skills, and educate the future. This mission is accomplished through various programs, including:

Four Areas of Service

1. Ensure that children are well educated and equipped for economic self-reliance in the 21st century by offering the best foundations for education and job skills possible.

2. Protect civil rights by eradicating all barriers to equal participation in the economic and social mainstream of America by offering seminars, community outreach events, voter education and civic action opportunities.

3. Focus on neighborhood revitalization by undertaking resident driven plans to reverse the patterns of segregation and disinvestment, prevent displacement, and promote equitable revitalization throughout all communities.

4. Help adults attain economic self-sufficiency through good jobs, home ownership, entrepreneurship and financial literacy by offering seminars, study groups, job networking, remedial skills training and technology training.


Since its founding in 1917, the organization’s mission has been to help African Americans and disadvantaged residents achieve social and economic self-sufficiency has supported that ideal.  

When ULEC began more than 100 years ago, leather factories, iron works, breweries, and other factories thrived along the Morris Canal. Black workers streamed into Essex County from the South, escaping Jim Crow oppression and drawn by the plentiful jobs and available housing stock.

The Urban League was formed to improve the social, economic, and moral conditions of these new arrivals, who found that discrimination had followed them northward, despite the greater opportunities. 

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ULEC Founder William Ashby said, 

“The Urban League at that time was the only organization whose purpose and aim might give direction to the solution of some of the problems.” 

Solutions by Numbers

The following numbers give a snapshot of the impact ULEC has had on Northern New Jersey. 

During the pandemic, ULEC has:

  • Disbursed over $40,000 in emergency cash assistance during the pandemic
  • Distributed over $100,000 in emergency rental assistance.
  • Provided over 200,000 pounds of food during the pandemic.
  • Over 250 young people have participated in the Newark Kids Code Program since 2018.
  • 175 people attended ULEC’s In-person and Virtual First Time Home Buyer Workshops in 2020.
  • In 2020, the Urban League of Essex County helped 10 families purchase their own homes and 77 people avoided foreclosure.
  • 66 individuals enrolled in ULEC’s Savings Programs combined to save $30,765, even during the pandemic.

A Story of Hope

Isaac Oppong’s financial circumstances were trying, difficult, and unpredictable before being introduced to the Financial Opportunity Center (FOC).

Upon enrolling in the FOC, Mr. Oppong had no savings, was under-employed and had an unscored FICO credit profile due to insufficient credit history. 

After attending a mandatory financial capability workshop Oppong was intrigued and eager to enroll in multiple services provided by the FOC. 

He quickly began financial coaching sessions and took advantage of the Twin Account program, a matched savings client-incentive product. 

Within 18 months, Oppong saved over $5,000 toward emergency savings and the purchase of a car. 

“My situation has gone from stressful to hope filled, I feel I can achieve any goal I set,” said Oppong.

Now he consistently saves 15% of income and plans to enroll in an employer-based retirement plan this year. Now he says:

“I am so thankful I came to that first financial workshop and now have a financial coach. I changed my path in the direction I want — success!” 

Read more of Oppong’s story on the ULEC website.

Join the League

Individuals can partner with ULEC when they become members of the league, divided into three types:

  1. General
  2. Guild
  3. YPs

Guild and YP members can participate in skilled volunteer opportunities, whereas general volunteerism can be achieved through a general membership. More member information can be found on the ULEC website. Learn more about volunteering for ULEC on the Volunteer Match website

Learn more about the impact they’re making in New Jersey on the Urban League of Essex County website.

Jewish Family Service of MetroWest New Jersey

Are you a child, teen parent or senior who needs assistance? Do you or someone you love live with a disability? Are you in an unsafe living situation?

The Jewish Family Service of MetroWest New Jersey wants to help you.

Through their many programs such as counseling, Rachel Coaltion, Holocaust Survivor Services, and volunteer services, JFS has been available to respond to the needs of New Jersey communities. 


Children, Teens, And Parents 

Families are helped by several types of psychotherapy, including: individual and family therapy, play therapy, and specialized therapies for children exposed to trauma. JFS also provides preschool services, counseling and assistance for children with learning differences and special needs, as well as support groups and workshops.


JFS MetroWest offers a range of programs and services to assist adult members of the community and their families in coping with challenges. Resources include individual, family, and couples counseling, group services, financial assistance and community workshops.

Older Adults

JFS provides a wide range of information and referrals, Family Caregiver Services which include Comprehensive Assessments, Geriatric Care Management and Care Consultation. JFS also offers counseling and support groups, Holocaust Survivor services, Alzheimer’s and related dementia programs, and emergency financial assistance.

Individuals With Disabilities

JFS offers services for children with learning differences and special needs, Support Coordination for individuals eligible through the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities, and Coordinated Care for family members of individuals with disabilities.

Make ONE DONATION to the Holiday Fund and support 10 life-changing organizations in New Jersey.

JFS Impacting Lives

Quickly after the pandemic forced the country to shut down, JFS identified a need for safely delivered hot meals and groceries for isolated Holocaust survivors and older adult clients who had been advised to shelter-in-place. To fill that need, they began organizing weekly meals and coordinating weekly grocery shopping by volunteers.

Celebrating Chanukah

By the end of December, 2776 meals had been delivered by 78 volunteers to over 180 clients. Meals were dropped off with no contact to maintain safe social distancing to protect both volunteers and clients.

When the holiday season arrived, JFS partnered with other local organizations to distribute Chanukah packages. Here’s what Suzy Berman, Director of Volunteer Services at JFS, said:

“The holidays can be sad and lonely for our clients.  This year, our older adult clients feel especially isolated and vulnerable due to the current COVID crisis.  We hope that these Chanukah packages will bring joy, comfort, and a friendly face from our JFS volunteers, who are delivering the packages to the seniors.  Now more than ever, in these difficult times, it is wonderful to see our community come together to care for our elders.”

When organizations can quickly assess needs and respond accordingly, lives are impacted.

Here’s a snapshot of the kind of impact JFS has had in their community during a six-month period:

Numbers Served From Mid-March Through August 2021

  • 3,583 telehealth counseling sessions
  • 565% increase in financial assistance for food
  • 615 counseling sessions for domestic violence victims
  • 748 Shabbat meals for Holocause survivors and older adults
  • 440 essential care packages for Holocause survivors and isolated older adults
  • 100 play therapy kids for child and adolescent clients

The numbers speak for themselves. In just six months, JFS has made huge strides for New Jersey residents in need.

Mission of JFS

JFS MetroWest has been helping families and individuals of all ages manage life’s challenges since 1861. Guided by the wisdom and values of tradition and respect for all people, Jewish Family Service of MetroWest New Jersey provides innovative, compassionate, and outstanding social services to enhance the independence and well-being of individuals and families throughout all stages of life

JFS Vision

Jewish Family Service of MetroWest aims to be the premier agency within the MetroWest New Jersey area providing for the social services and mental health needs of the greater community with unparalleled professionalism, humanity, and respect for all who seek its support.

Volunteering With JFS

Do you have a similar mission and vision?

JFS MetroWest offers a wide array of meaningful volunteer opportunities. The volunteer staff will match your interests and talents to community needs to ensure a gratifying experience.

There are opportunities for mitzvah projects, adult volunteer opportunities, Rachel Coalition volunteer possibilities, and the RSVP Center of Essex & Hudson Counties, which is a comprehensive community service organization catering to individuals 55 and over.

Learn more about the impact JFS is making in New Jersey on the Jewish Family Service of MetroWest New Jersey website.

Family Services Bureau of New Jersey

If you live in the New Jersey area and need help as a result of substance abuse, the Family Services Bureau of New Jersey is here to help. 

Family Services Bureau of New Jerse (FSB), part of New Community, has served the needs of the community since 1882 as a licensed outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment center


The organization’s mission is to preserve, educate, support, strengthen and enrich family life through prevention, intervention and community education programs that assist families, children and individuals. 

Staff includes clinicians and interns under the direct supervision of licensed clinical supervisors. 

By adopting an integrated behavioral health model to treat the whole body, FSB aims to provide each consumer with the resources needed to improve their quality of life.

Make ONE DONATION to the Holiday Fund and support 10 life-changing organizations in New Jersey.

Four Ways New Community and FSB Serve New Jersey

FSB is part of New Community Corporation, a comprehensive community development organization founded in 1968. Let’s take a closer look at how FSB fits into the New Community mission.

  1. Housing Opportunities
  2. Health Services, including Family Service Bureau, a licensed outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment center
  3. Educational Services
  4. Community Resources

Watch this informative video to learn more about the struggles faced by millions today.


The treatments services utilized depends in the individual, but here’s an overview of what FSB offers: 

  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment
  • Mental Health Level 1 Treatment
  • Psychiatric services with Medication Monitoring
  • Family and Couples Counseling
  • Anger Management Group
  • Domestic Violence Counseling
  • Parenting Skills Group
  • Telehealth 
  • Family Crisis Intervention Unit

Family Services Bureau Data

Healing has happened among individuals and families who’ve overcome substance abuse issues. Imagine the faces of pain, hope, and healing behind these inspiring numbers.

As of fall 2021, FSB reported:

  • Intakes: 153
  • Mental Health Individuals: 2,255
  • Substance Abuse Individuals: 346
  • Psychiatric Evaluations: 77
  • Medication Monitoring: 386

To learn more about FSB and obtain contact information for the Newark and Kearny offices, visit the Family Service Bureau website.

Urban League of Essex County Helps Neighborhoods Come Alive

Are you familiar with Littleton Avenue?

In 2012, Littleton Avenue was well-known as a run-down, high-crime block. 

For more than a decade, Urban League of Essex County, along with local residents and community associations, have worked together to revitalize neighborhoods. 

As part of the group’s initiative, the Urban League of Essex County built four new, affordable homes on Littleton. This started a positive chain reaction —

Homeowners, residents, business owners, and stakeholders came together to contribute ideas for further improvements.

Then, private investments were generated

Next, a group of dedicated candidates received paid, on-the-job training in construction trades 

Then the revitalization happened….
New sidewalks were constructed. 
Decorative lighting fixtures were installed
Welcoming landscaping was placed

Today, Littleton Avenue has one of the lowest levels of crime in its area and is known as a “model block” within Newark City’s plans for equitable development. 

But it’s more than just improving infrastructure—neighborhoods are being healed. 

As part of their work implementing sustainable and equitable development policies in high-poverty residential neighborhoods, ULEC advocates hearing residents’ voices.

They also work tirelessly to provide job and financial training for families and youth and coaching for local leadership development.

As one resident puts it:

“I’ve been on the block and I’ve seen it go up and down, but this is the best that it has ever been in 30 years.”

It’s amazing to see the great things that happen when people invest in their own communities. We are so honored to support ULEC as one of our eleven social service agencies.

Learn more about the investments and community initiatives of Urban League of Essex’s community initiatives here.

Experience the Impact in New Jersey

Did you know we’ve raised almost $1.7M in the last five years alone? 

To put that into perspective, that’s — 

  • 34,000 grocery kits for families in Northern New Jersey from Nutley Family Service Bureau or … 
  • 17,000 hours of counseling for survivors, families, and individuals from Jewish Family Service of MetroWest Jersey, Family Service League, or Nutley Family Service Bureau or… 
  • 8,500 weeks of camp from Children’s Aid & Family Services or … 
  • 1,700 families receiving diapers for an entire year from Children’s Aid & Family Services…

    …  not to mention all of the other amazing services provided by the ten social service agencies we support!

Your generosity has empowered these agencies to meet the needs of children, families, and individuals throughout northern New Jersey. 

We are honored to partner with you. 

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