Transforming Lives with Urban League of Essex County

The Urban League of Essex County ensures disadvantaged individuals and families that they will gain better opportunities, financial stability, homeownership, and more through its social services and relevant programs.

With the help of dedicated volunteers and compassionate professionals, ULEC aims to make a difference in thousands of people who needs assistance.

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Transforming Lives with Nutley Family Service Bureau

Founded in 1913, Nutley Family Service Bureau continues to live out its core mission in prioritizing one’s mental health as an integral part of life.

NFSB seeks to provide community outreach initiatives to individuals and families through social service programs and affordable mental health counseling.

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Transforming Lives with Newark Day Center

For years, Newark Day Center strives to support the surrounding communities of New Jersey through child support, opportunities for adults, social services for the elderly, and summer camping experiences.

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Transforming Lives with Jewish Family Services

Last year, Jewish Family Services extended help to over 5000 people in need within the Metrowest and Greater Boston regions. This includes basic family needs, academic support, psychological and emotional support and other social services available for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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Transforming lives with Family Service League

Did you know that Family Service League offers outstanding counseling, therapy, social and educational services without regard to financial status, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation?

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Transforming lives with Family Connections, Inc.

Family Connections, Inc. delivers a wide range of services that aims to strengthen family ties through counseling, skills-building, training, and prevention programs rooted in cutting-edge research.  

With Family Connections, hope meets possibility.

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Transforming Lives with Children’s Aid and Family Services

Children’s Aid and Family Services is one of the leading non-profit agencies that provide high-quality services to children, adults, and their families who turn to them for assistance.

Motivated by compassion, Children’s Aid and Family Services strives to change thousands of lives and meet ever-evolving social needs using different programs to make a lasting impact in the community.

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Spotlight on Jewish Family Services

Discover the amazing services and outreach that our friends over at Jewish Family Services is doing in the community!

They work to strengthen and support individuals and families throughout all stages of life. We are proud to partner with them, and you can too!

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