Advocacy of Family Service League In The Fight For Women’s Rights And Recovery

Family Service League upholds women’s rights and strengthens survivors of sexual violence through their SAVE of Essex initiative.

Family Service League (FSL), a committed partner of the Greater Newark Holiday Fund, is a critical agency for survivors of sexual violence. Their dedication towards uplifting, strengthening, and empowering victims is unwavering and deeply impactful.

Understanding the Landscape of Sexual Violence Advocacy

In the realm of sexual violence advocacy, those at Family Service League are privy to the experiences of survivors and victims alike. It can be a challenging landscape, but it is also one filled with resilience and triumph. Every day, the team at FSL stands up for victims, providing them with the support they need to reclaim their lives.

SAVE: Empowering Survivors through Advocacy and Support

SAVE of Essex is one of FSL’s remarkable initiatives. To start, this program operates a confidential hotline 24/7, staffed by trained advocates ready to lend a listening ear and offer assistance. 

Additionally, its Confidential Sexual Violence Advocates help survivors navigate forensic exams and legal processes in Essex County, attending hospitals, police precincts, and courtrooms. They also provide care packages to survivors, aiding in dignity restoration post-assault. 

Celebrating the Women Behind SAVE of Essex

The tireless efforts the women who lead this powerful initiative not only offer immediate support and resources but also contribute significantly to the broader fight against sexual violence, advocating for systemic changes and greater public awareness.

Take time to consider both the women who lead SAVE of Essex as well as the many victims who have bravely stepped forward to share their stories and begin their journey of healing. 

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Support the Greater Newark Holiday Fund

The Greater Newark Holiday Fund is a proud supporter of FSL’s crucial work. By donating to the Holiday Fund, you can contribute to the vital services provided by FSL, ensuring they remain accessible to those in need. Your contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of many.

A generous gift from you could mean a world of change for someone else, and a stronger community for all. Let’s impact lives together. 

Let’s honor the incredible work of FSL and support their invaluable work. Together, we can help create a world free from sexual violence.

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