A Mother’s Dream Comes True: The Fresh Air Fund Sends Two Sisters to Camp

Janet, a mother of three beautiful daughters, wanted to give her children a break from the city and the chance to run and play freely. Her income was meager, but she remembered how much she loved going to camp as a child and wanted her daughters to experience the same thing. Two of her daughters were eligible for camp based on their ages and were eager to attend.

Thanks to the Fresh Air Fund, Niyea and Naziah were able to attend day camp for two weeks. They loved interacting with other campers and participating in various activities, including bike riding, swimming, and music. The bus ride to the camp site was also a highlight, as they got to see different farm animals and a pond along the way. They often included their younger sister in their stories about camp.

For Janet, it was a relief to see her daughters having fun and being able to enjoy nature without worrying about their surroundings. Thanks to the Fresh Air Fund, they had the chance to create lifetime memories.

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Original story taken from NJ.com

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