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Join the Movement: 4th Annual Roll and Stroll Event Brings Hope and Healing

We are delighted to announce the upcoming 4th Annual Roll and Stroll event, organized by our esteemed agency partner, Family Connections. Presented by The GenWealth Group, this eagerly anticipated event is set to take place on Saturday, September 23. By participating in this event, you can make a meaningful impact by raising funds that will provide vital resources and support to individuals and families facing various challenges.

Family Connections: Empowering Lives

Family Connections, our dedicated agency partner, is at the forefront of providing essential services to individuals and families in need. With unwavering commitment and expertise, Family Connections offers resources and support to address a wide range of challenges. By participating in the Roll and Stroll event, you directly contribute to their mission of empowering lives and creating lasting positive change.

The GenWealth Group: Presenting Sponsor

We are grateful to The GenWealth Group for their generous support as the presenting sponsor of the Roll and Stroll event. Their commitment to making a difference in the community aligns perfectly with the goals of this event. Together with The GenWealth Group, we strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals and families can thrive.

How You Can Get Involved

Are you ready to join the movement? There are two ways to show your support for this worthy cause:

  1. Register for Roll and Stroll: Visit Family Connections’ website to register and be a part of this exciting event. Whether you choose to roll or stroll, your participation will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing challenges.
  2. Make a Donation: If you are unable to attend the event but still wish to contribute to the work of Family Connections, you can make a donation today to the Holiday Fund at Your generous contribution will directly support the efforts of Family Connections and their partner agencies in providing vital resources and support to individuals and families.

Bringing Hope & Healing

The 4th Annual Roll and Stroll event is an incredible opportunity to come together as a community and support those in need. By participating in this event or making a donation, you can help bring hope and healing to individuals and families facing various challenges. Let’s join hands, foster hope, and create a brighter future for all. Together, we can make a difference.

Children’s Aid and Family Services’ Recovery Specialists: The Unsung Heroes in New Jersey’s Fight Against the Opioid Crisis

In the face of adversity, the real heroes emerge. Today, we want to recognize the tireless efforts of the Recovery Specialists at Children’s Aid and Family Services in New Jersey. They have responded an astounding 766 times when individuals overdosed on opioids.

Each response represents efforts to save lives and give second chances, and is a testament to the unwavering dedication of these specialists. Their commitment to providing immediate assistance in the most critical moments is truly commendable.🚑

This isn’t just about responding to emergencies – it’s about stepping into the breach, offering a lifeline, and fighting the opioid crisis one rescue at a time. Each intervention is a story of hope amidst despair, a sign that no one has to fight their battles alone.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the vital role these Recovery Specialists play in our community. Their work reminds us of the power of compassion, resilience, and swift action.

A big salute to Children’s Aid and Family Services’ Recovery Specialists. Your relentless efforts are making a huge difference. Here’s to continuing this life-saving work and creating a safer, healthier community for all.

Did you know that that when you donate to the Holiday Fund, you’re directly supporting invaluable agencies like Children’s Aid and Family Services? Every contribution you make plays a vital role in providing much-needed assistance to those in New Jersey who need it most. Your support for the Holiday Fund is more than just a donation; it’s a beacon of hope for those in need. 🌤️

Catholic Charities of Newark: Uniting in Service, Offering Hope to Immigrants

💫 Big news from our community! Catholic Charities of Newark has made a difference in the lives of thousands of individuals by providing legal services to an impressive 2,202 immigrants.

This is not just about legal assistance, it’s about offering hope, creating opportunities, and building a stronger, more diverse community. Each person helped represents a story of resilience, courage, and the pursuit of a better life. 🌍

Let’s take a moment to celebrate this significant achievement and its positive impact on our community. 🎉 It’s a testament to what we can accomplish when we come together to support each other, no matter where we come from.

Remember, every act of service contributes to a larger narrative of compassion and understanding. Here’s to continuing this important work, breaking down barriers, and uplifting our neighbors.

A Heartwarming Donation: KPMG Employees Bring Joy to Children at Catholic Charities

Exciting News!

In a heartwarming display of compassion and generosity, a group of employees from KPMG has made a significant donation to Catholic Charities. Their contribution of 75 Sweet Cases will directly benefit the children in CCAN’s programs, in collaboration with Foster Love.

Customized Comfort and Inspiration

Each Sweet Case is thoughtfully customized, ensuring that it carries not only tangible items but also motivational messages and phrases. Inside these cases, children will find a cozy blanket, a cuddly stuffed animal, a coloring book, and crayons. These items aim to bring much-needed comfort, joy, and inspiration to the young recipients.

Gratitude and Appreciation

On behalf of Catholic Charities, we express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the compassionate employees at KPMG and the dedicated team at Foster Love. Their support and generosity are making a profound impact on the lives of these children, providing them with moments of happiness and hope during challenging times.

Join the Movement

You too can make a difference today by contributing to the Holiday Fund, a proud supporter of Catholic Charities. Donating is simple and can be done through the official website at Your generous contribution will help create more Sweet Cases filled with love, warmth, and encouragement for deserving children.

Together, let’s continue to spread compassion and brighten the lives of those in need. Join the movement and make a lasting impact today.