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A Newly Found Family

“My name is Adan, and I am 29. When I was 22, I found out I had a 5-year-old daughter because she was removed from her mother’s care and put into mine.”

“Going from my previous life as a single man to a father proved to be difficult. I lacked parenting skills and the ability to navigate a healthy relationship with my daughter, Lisa, who had considerable behavioral issues from life with her mother and in foster care.”

“After three years of living together, Lisa and I got into a small altercation. I regretted my actions immediately, but it was too late. Lisa was taken from me. Thankfully, because of her behavioral issues, she was placed in therapeutic foster care. This led to her eventually making a request for visitation with me so that we could begin to establish a relationship again.”

“During the first visit through Family Connections, we did an exercise where we both were able to express that we shared a goal of rebuilding our bond and being together. We both were able to reflect on our contribution to issues in the past. Lisa was able to address her behavioral issues and express that she wanted to work on them.”

“I apologized to her for my missteps and our altercation. I reassured her that none of this was her fault, validating the difficult experiences she had at home with her mother and in foster care.”

“Family Connections was with us every step of the way. In following visits, we began to bond more and more. In time, my daughter was able to show affection, giving me a big hug at the beginning and end of visits, and sitting comfortably on the couch next to me. We are excited to achieve our goal of reunification soon.”

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Family Service Bureau supports kinship families and strengthens their ties

Cheyenne and her two sisters, aged 14 and 16, were singlehandedly raised by their grandmother for as long as they could remember. This poses unique challenges for their family, as it can sometimes be difficult for grandparents to keep up with a generation that’s one removed from them. As society changes, so do young people’s needs.

Family Service Bureau’s kinship program acts as a bridge between children and their kin. Cheyenne, her sisters and her grandmother jointly attend biweekly meetings to learn about community resources and strengthen their relationship. They expressed gratitude for all the help they’ve gotten.

Cheyenne signed up to lead the organization and planning of a women’s conference for FSB. By doing so, she was able to practice important social and communication skills— skills that will surely come in handy for her dream of becoming a real estate agent. Having benefited from all the information and support she received, Cheyenne is now paying it forward.

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Jewish Family Services MetroWest cares for Holocaust survivors until the end

When her mother’s health began to decline, the daughter of a 95-year-old Holocaust survivor contacted the Jewish Family Services for help.

JFS provided subsidized home care, hospice services and emergency medical equipment for the elderly survivor.

The daughter also received support as a second-generation caregiver.

She expressed gratitude to the JFS services for providing her mother with a “dignified end” at home.

Your generosity gives elderly survivors the care and services needed to pass peacefully in the last moments of their life. Thank you for making a contribution to the Greater Newark Holiday Fund.

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