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Family Service Bureau helps young girl adapt to her new blended family

Adapting to a new family can be hard, especially for young children in blended families.

A 12-year-old girl was referred to the Family Service Bureau for that reason. She was a part of a newly established blended family and found it extremely difficult to acclimate. Her biological father left the country when she was 8 years old, leaving her, her younger brother and mother behind. Once the mother remarried, the girl’s behavior changed, and it became difficult for her to communicate.

A clinician from the Family Service Bureau held one-on-one therapy sessions to identify the young girl’s concerns and fears about the family’s restructuring, trust issues and communication problems. During these sessions, the girl learned skills and techniques to deal with those issues.

The rest of the family was involved as well, through group sessions that focused on improving the communication and interaction of all family members.

Within 6 months, the family dynamic had improved to the point that they no longer needed the agency’s services. 🎊

A little help goes a long way. The Family Services Bureau’s work is made possible by supporters like you. Visit to learn about how you can make a difference today.

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How Christopher learned to become a Strong Father

Meet Christopher, a father who once had trouble keeping his life together, now helping other fathers overcome their weaknesses:

“When I came to Family Connections, I hadn’t had a job in 2 years. I had no driver’s license. I had family problems, anger issues, substance abuse issues. And most of all, I wasn’t taking care of my kids.”

“In the Strong Fathers program, I learned about my weaknesses – no motivation, never getting things done. They taught me about setting goals and I found I could set goals and do things one by one. I started getting things done and it made me feel good about myself.”

“Before, I didn’t want other people to tell me what to do. But my counselor made me believe I could change. He’s my inspiration. He helped me with my anger, so now I catch myself before it happens. I let things slide off my back.”

“He also connected me to a job. And most of all, he taught me patience with my children.”

“I’ve been clean for a year now. I got my license, got a job, got a car. And I got joint custody of my children. I have confidence in myself now.”

“I had to do it for my children. They’re my motivation and my strength. I’ve graduated from Strong Fathers but I still go in to help the other men. I get support and direction and structure. Every time I go there, I learn something.”

“People say I’m a role model now. But I don’t see myself as a role model. I’m just a man, trying to take care of his kids.”

The Strong Fathers program by Family Connections is a substance abuse treatment and parenting skills training. The organization is one of the 11 partner agencies of the Holiday Fund. Your donation makes life change possible. Help more fathers like Christopher turn lives around. Go to to learn more.

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Seeking a birth mother and finding a family

“After being given up for adoption when she was 7 years old, Susan turned to Catholic Charities as an adult and reunited with her birth family.”

“She had enjoyed a happy and secure upbringing with her adoptive family. But 50 years later, following the birth of her first grandchild, Susan began to wonder more about her own birth and the circumstances surrounding of her adoption.”

“She reached out to Catholic Charities Adoptions Division and learned about her birth mother, Ruth.”

“Ruth had been a 36-year-old widow who found herself struggling financially to raise and care for 5 children. So Ruth sought the assistance of Catholic Charities to place Susan, the youngest, for adoption.”

“The Adoptions Division was able to find her four siblings. Sadly, they shared that Ruth died many years ago without ever informing them about Susan.”

“Through the support and counseling of their social worker, Susan’s siblings agreed to communicate with her. Since then, the 5 siblings have all become good friends as well as proclaimed sisters.”

“Although Susan regrets never having the chance to meet Ruth, she has come to know her through countless pictures and stories. For her, the holiday season is now so much more meaningful when shared with a now larger, loving family.”

Families lives are changed every day thanks to the help of Catholic Charities, one of our 11 partner agencies. Click here to support their fantastic work with a donation to the Holiday Fund:

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