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Spotlight on Urban League of Essex County

The Urban League of Essex County is a collective of professionals, volunteers, and trustees who are passionate about improving the lives of disadvantaged residents throughout Essex County, New Jersey. 

Find out how your donation can help this and many other organizations that the Greater Newark Holiday Fund assist! 

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5 Summer Reads for Leaders on Kindness & Generosity

Compassion and giving look different than they did a decade ago. New times call for new awareness.

Add these 5 reads to your summer list and be inspired to practice new ways of leading with kindness and generosity.

1. Multipliers, Revised and Updated: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman

“A revised and updated edition of the acclaimed Wall Street Journal bestseller that explores why some leaders drain capability and intelligence from their teams while others amplify it to produce better results.

In this engaging and highly practical book, leadership expert Liz Wiseman explores these two leadership styles, persuasively showing how Multipliers can have a resoundingly positive and profitable effect on organizations—getting more done with fewer resources, developing and attracting talent, and cultivating new ideas and energy to drive organizational change and innovation.”

In over 30 years of evaluating executives it was clear to me that some achieved much more than others, but it wasn’t always clear why. Wiseman and McKeown present a fresh and compelling analysis of how Multipliers create value while others destroy it. —Tom Friel, Former CEO and Chairman of the Board, Heidrick & Struggles

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2. The Go-Giver, Expanded Edition: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea by Bob Burg

Imparted with wit and grace, The Go-Giver is a classic bestseller that brings to life the old proverb “Give and you shall receive.”

Nearly a decade since its original publication, the term “go-giver” has become shorthand for a defining set of values embraced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Today this timeless story continues to help its readers find fulfillment and greater success in business, in their personal lives and in their communities.”

“The powerful business idea referenced in the title is that ‘shifting the focus from getting to giving and putting the other person first is the key to business success and personal fulfillment.’ … Explanations of these concepts and how to employ them are clear and to the point.” —Booklist

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3. Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins by Mark W. Schaefer

Marketing Rebellion will teach you: 

  • How cataclysmic consumer trends are a predictable result of a revolution that started 100 years ago. 
  • Why businesses must be built on human impressions instead of advertising impressions.
  • The five constant human truths at the heart of successful marketing strategy. 
  • Why customer loyalty is dying and what you need to do about it right now.
  • How to help your best customers do the marketing for you. 
  • Actionable steps to provide an immediate course-correction for businesses of any size. 

Through new research, singular insights, and inspiring case studies, this entertaining book challenges your view of what it means to be a marketer today and provides an innovative blueprint for business growth. 

“Mark Schaefer’s Marketing Rebellion channels the consumer’s rage against the marketing machine into a wake-up call for the re-imagining of marketing.” —Dr. Dennis McCorkle, professor, U of N Colorado

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4. The War for Kindness: Building Empathy in a Fractured World by Jamil Zaki                                    

“Empathy is in short supply. We struggle to understand people who aren’t like us, but find it easy to hate them. Studies show that we are less caring than we were even thirty years ago. In 2006, Barack Obama said that the United States was suffering from an “empathy deficit.” Since then, things seem to have only gotten worse. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. In this groundbreaking book, Jamil Zaki shares cutting-edge research, including experiments from his own lab, showing that empathy is not a fixed trait—something we’re born with or not—but rather a skill that can be strengthened through effort. He also tells the stories of people who embody this new perspective, fighting for kindness in the most difficult of circumstances.”

“Lucid, stimulating . . . [The War for Kindness aims] to challenge antiquated views of the brain and human behavior. . . .  Zaki issues a call for concerted action to build empathy in a world he sees as fractured and threatened by escalating tribalism, cruelty, and isolation.”—The American Scholar

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5. Future Proofed: The New Rules of Success in WORK & LIFE for our Modern World by Natalia Peart PhD    

Future Proofed uses “a unique blend of storytelling and practical advice that draws from the latest in psychology, business, neuroscience, and design thinking, take a journey that you’ll never forget and learn simple, straight forward ways to:

  • Build career confidence, whether you work for yourself or someone else, by shifting from finding your next job to creating a playbook and system for continued success.
  • Conquer the stress, overwhelm and burn out that has become a new normal.
  • Move past the doubt that holds you back and develop the clarity and confidence you need.
  • Develop the mental fitness you need to feel strong, unshakeable and unbreakable so you can thrive in the grind.
  • Create the success lifestyle that is satisfying and meaningful to you.
  • Use your success to impact others around you.

Future Proofed…provides a clear roadmap for greater clarity even in increasing uncertainty, as well as empowering you to move forward with confidence toward a more inspired future.”

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Bonus Recommendation         

6. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, Infographics Edition by Stephen R. Covey 

Millions of lives have been changed since Covey’s book began captivating readers. Now available is an easily readable infographics edition for gaining timeless wisdom and leadership acumen.

This 7 Habits book guides you through each habit step-by-step:

  • Habit 1: Be Proactive
  • Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind
  • Habit 3: Put First Things First
  • Habit 4: Think Win-Win
  • Habit 5: Seek First To Understand Then Be Understood
  • Habit 6: Synergize
  • Habit 7: Sharpen The Saw

Dr. Covey’s 7 Habits book is one of the most inspiring and impactful books ever written. 

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Add these reads to your summer list and be inspired to practice new ways of leading with kindness and generosity. 

How Family Services Bureau Helps the Community

Discover our partner, Family Services Bureau, an organization committed to providing services for individuals, couples, and families combating problems such as domestic violence, juvenile, child neglect and more.

Your donation can help organizations like Family Services Bureau provide these services and much more. Find out how your donation can help this and many other organizations that the Greater Newark Holiday Fund assist! 

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Spotlight on our Partner Children’s Aid and Family Services

Children’s Aid and Family Services (CAFS) helps children who don’t have families able to care for them.

They support children, young adults, the elderly and their families through the everyday challenges and transitions in life.

Find out how your donation can help this and many other organizations that the Greater Newark Holiday Fund assist! 

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