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Nutley Family Service Bureau Food Pantry shows the face of food insecurity

My friends and colleagues at work and church tell me that I am always trying to be super woman, trying to carry the world on my shoulders. As a mom and wife, I strive to protect and care for my family of seven and provide my children what they need.

Unfortunately, circumstance has brought my family to a point that what I could do was not enough. My husband lost his job last year and since then has been working temporary jobs with brief gaps of unemployment. This created a snowball effect of never catching up to bills, being in danger of losing our apartment, and the quandary of how we were going to get our oldest to college — our oldest who had more than earned her share of achievements in school. It was a very stressful time and being a working professional, I felt embarrassed and humbled to ask for help. But God intervened, and I am so glad I did ask.

The help we have received from Nutley Family Service Bureau has given my family a moment to catch our breath, a safety net for the times we needed some food, school supplies and gifts for the children. It is quite something to see the relief in your child’s eyes when they see you come home with backpacks filled with supplies for the school year, or when you take them shopping from gift cards you received from “The Three Kings” at Christmas. My children know we work very hard and thus expect just what they need. It is a huge joy when they are able to once in a while receive what they want.

And my children, being older, know that help comes from this organization. My husband breathes a sigh of relief when there is one less thing to worry about, one more thing to be grateful for.

It shows them that kindness is very much alive and this, I hope, inspires them to do great things one day that will leave another family with that glimmer of hope we received.

Thank you for all you do.

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YCS helps single mom achieve

Veronica Artis-Bryant was 20 years old and a sophomore at Stevens Institute of Technology when she found out she was pregnant.

“It was a frightening time for me. I didn’t know where to turn or what I needed to do to be sure my baby would be born healthy,” she said.

Veronica was especially concerned about what to expect when giving birth. Her sister knew a nurse in the Essex YCS Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) program and recommended the program to her. NFP provides comprehensive, in-home support by a registered nurse to first-time inner-city, pregnant women. The same nurse continues to support the mother and baby until her child’s second birthday.

“My nurse, Karen Burton, has been an important part of my life ever since (we met),” Veronica said. With Karen’s support, Veronica delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl named Sanai Lily, in December 2016.  

In addition to advising Veronica with all her medical concerns, Burton helped her find day care for the baby when she returned to work and school. She has been there to answer Veronica’s questions about the baby’s development, and has been a compassionate ear when Veronica is troubled by relationship issues.

“Karen has been with me every step of the way and because of her recommendation I was offered a paid internship with a local business that specializes in the production of high-end hardware.

“I was so excited. Someone believed in me,” Veronica said. “She said the internship has boosted her self-esteem and given her confidence to pursue a major in mechanical engineering and design.  

“Karen is so much more than a nurse. She is my friend. I share everything with her and trust her advice and judgment,” said Veronica, adding, “I am proof that with a little support and encouragement a young Newark mom can make it.”  

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The Newark Holiday Fund touches thousands of lives

Anthony Azevedo was born and raised in Newark. He attended its schools and runs his business there. It’s a city that he knows and loves, so when he got the opportunity to work with the Greater Newark Holiday Fund, the decision was easy.

“I think it was a natural fit for me,” Azevedo said. “We were looking for something to contribute to and give back to, and I always knew about the Greater Newark Holiday Fund by seeing ads in The Star-Ledger, so it was a natural fit, growing up where I grew up.”

Serving the area for more than 80 years, the Greater Newark Holiday Fund began in 1937 as a gift drive for children of Newark’s neighborhoods. Today, it helps families and individuals in Essex, Union, Passaic, Hudson, Morris and Bergen counties by providing funds to area service organizations.

The fund primarily raises money from November through February, but accepts donations from Feb. 1 through Jan. 31 each year. Donations are received from larger businesses as well as from individuals.

After spending several years involved in the fund, two years ago as its treasurer, Azevedo was asked to step in to serve as president for 2018.

Anthony Azevedo

“I’m so proud to be a part of an organization that’s heading into its 81st year. There’s a lot to be said about that, all the good the organization does is seen by the donors. Even if it’s $5 or $10, people have been donating to it their entire lives, and they see the value of it.”

Azevedo will be joined by Honorary Chairman Angelo Genova, chairman and managing partner of Genova Burns LLC.

“As someone who is closely tied to Newark, I know what wonderful work the fund does throughout the year to help those less fortunate in northern New Jersey. This is an invaluable opportunity to grow awareness around a pervasive and all too often overlooked issue in our community,” Genova said.

Angelo J. Genova, Esq.

Azevedo, managing member with Pereira & Azevedo, LLC, a CPA firm located in Newark, and Liberty Payroll Solutions, LLC, said he has high hopes for this year’s fundraising campaign. He set a goal of $400,000, which will go toward 10 charities — Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark, Children’s Aid & Family Services, FAMILYConnections, Family Service Bureau of Newark, Family Service League, Jewish Family Service of Metrowest New Jersey, Newark Day Center, Nutley Family Service Bureau,  Urban League and Youth Consultation Service (YCS).

In addition, the New Jersey Devils are planning to hold an event on Dec. 1 designed to raise awareness of the Greater Newark Holiday Fund and to raise money for the charity. During that night, the fund will receive half the proceeds of a 50/ 50 event.

“It’s great recognition for us, they put us on the jumbotron, and it’s been great during the past few years,” Azevedo said.

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